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would like to hear from those who have gotten shots & surgery

Good day fellow sufferers,

I will briefly describe my condition.  6 months ago I was diagnosed with pf.  I am a 60 year old that walks anywhere from 3 to 6 miles per day due to my job.  The doc said it would take at least 6 months to heal and I had him make me the custom orthotics.

A few weeks ago I actually missed work for a day due to the pain of pf.  I bought the shoes that the doc recommended; SAS time out, and he adjusted the orthotics in my shoes.  I have been icing, stretching, ultrasounding, and rolling a tennis ball under my feet.

It has been 6 months, and now the doc said it may take a year.  I don't think I can do this for another 6 months or more.  Some of the testimony I have read really doesn't encourage me; some people claim they have had it for years.

Due to the nature of my job and having to walk as much as I do, I am actually to the point of considering the shots; so my question is this; how long did the shot last and were you glad to get the shot or has it made you sorry you did?  Was there any downtime due to getting a shot?

Also, to those who have already had the surgery, how long is the recovery process and are you glad you got the surgery, or do you think it was the worst mistake you've ever made?  Some of the pictures I've seen on this site of foot incisions look pretty gruesome.

I'm actually thinking of going to a shorter work week if I can to see if that will help.  Anyway, it is what it is I guess but I try to keep smiling.


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Thanks Mary, I am eliminating sugar and processed food.  I love all fish recipes, my favorite being Salmon, nothing canned or frozen.  I also use a lot of fresh herbs and fresh Ginger when I cook.  I found some orthotics for people who have problems like mine at Sandler shoes in Lansing, They are only $40.00 dollars. Unfortunately the Merrill shoes they sell there are only the slip on's and I need something that ties or a Velcro strap. I found a website that sells these orthotic shoes for only $55.00 free S&H. So I ordered 1 pair to try. Will let you know if they work out. I have to get back to work, my car's starter died this morning, a big ouch.  Just paid all my bills for this month so will have to wait til next month to get my car fixed. Such is life right? There's always a bill to pay. I have this UN-Wanted Bill character hanging around my home all the time now. I think I am going to have to chase BILL and DEBT COLLECTOR out of my life.

Merrill's generally cost around $75.00 ! You can find them on e-bay sometimes as well. I am now changing my diet. You can't exercise  with bad pf ! SO, If I loose 40 lbs. WITH OUT A DOCTOR, that should help. I only weigh 217 but, less weight is better. Who knows, maybe I can start to go on short walks again !

Hi Drik,

You said you can't exercise, you can, you just Power Walk, Run or do anything that put impact on the foot.  I found modified Yoga (stretches) that are very important with PF and swimming, which put no stress on the PF, just have to watch for cramps of the foot and calf in the pool.  I stay out of the deep and swim in the 4-5 feet section.  It's hard to admit you can't do what you used to do but you find new ways of getting the exercise you need. Inactivity will only prolong the PF, the tendons and fascia in the muscles need to stretched and strengthen or they will tighten and make the condition worse.

Thanks for the tip about Merrill's, I will check out E-bay.   Oh, try the Dash Diet, it for high blood pressure but it works!!  I call it Food Modification instead of diet because it changes your  eating habits while losing weight.. and you will lose weight, even if you don't exercise

Drik bensom said:

Merrill's generally cost around $75.00 ! You can find them on e-bay sometimes as well. I am now changing my diet. You can't exercise  with bad pf ! SO, If I loose 40 lbs. WITH OUT A DOCTOR, that should help. I only weigh 217 but, less weight is better. Who knows, maybe I can start to go on short walks again !

Thanks Drik,

I am doing the stretching exercises the Dr gave me to do. I want to wait on the shoes to be delivered sometime next week to try them out. I did try walking around our neighbor and will go again today. Just around the block. I am still quite active at home, I am cleaning, running the vacuum, and my sons home is a 2 story 3 bedroom house all carpeted. I am keeping the house clean for my 10th grandchild due in December around Christmas, and planning my son and daughter in laws Baby shower. So I am still very active. I just don't know If I will be able to go back to work though and stand on my feet on a cement floor for 6-8 hrs 5 days a week. My shoes have been shipped and are due here sometime next week. Can't wait to try them out. I will Keep in touch.

Update:  I've been using the night splint for several weeks and the pain had diminished considerably.  I don't have the answer to this condition but have spoken to several people that have suddenly recovered from it.  They did not have surgery, some had acupuncture and all had physically therapy .  All started using the night splint and had immediate improvement and then one day they woke up and the pain was just gone.  I think the key is to keep the tendons and fascia stretched, don't allow it to tighten up over night.  Don't overdue walking or exercise but staying active is important.   This condition has altered my life style considerably but now that I found the night splint, I am hopeful.  Get the splint, good shoes, insoles that support the arch and pray.  Let me know if any of this helps you like it's helped me.  Take care all.


My Dr only gave me 1 night splint will have to alternate, it actually puts the bottom of my foot to sleep didn't like it on the right foot, will try it on the left to see what happens. My shoes came in the mail yesterday and I am wearing them and they feel great. I am going to walk to the end of the block and if my feet are ok will walk around the block. I love these shoes.

Just took a very long walk around the neighborhood and my feet do not hurt at all. I Was out for about 20 minutes.

Ran into our neighbor walking her dogs so I joined them. These shoes are great.

If the night splint is uncomfortable, double up on knee high socks.  They will add cushion and stop it from rubbing the skin or irritating any high bones.  If you have PF in both feet, try to get another splint.  Put a pillow between your feet to keep the splint from bumping your other foot or ankle.  I'm glad the shoes are working out, mine are ok but not great.  I'm going to try the Merrill's as soon as I have enough money to buy a pair.  Glad you're getting some relief.



I had the shots, they did not work for me def made it worse.. Surgery I had 2 weeks ago.. it hurts still, now I get a throbbing like pain that reminds me of being almost electric ugh.   I hope to soon be able to walk normal :(

@ Mary & all - 

I came across this website which has really good advice about treating PF - this site also has videos on fascial stretches that are based of the book the "Permanent Pain Cure". I highly recommend this book and the website. I have been following the advice and have had a lot of progress. Particularly from taking systemic enzymes and finding trigger points along my shin bone - almost on the shine bone! It was very tender. Systemic enzymes help with inflammation and actually eat up scar tissue! I take Serapeptase and Wobenzyme. 

Both the book and website recommend to NOT do the fascial stretches until your pain diminishes 20-30% and you address any trigger points in your calf and foot.


Thank you, I went to the website and did the pressure point and massage therapy and found it to be extremely helpful.  The stretches are very different than what I'm currently doing and will try them later today.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I'm going to the foot doctor today and wait to have a lengthy discussion with him about what I've learned on this forum.

I've had plantar fasciitis for about 2 years now. The first podiatrist I went to just wrapped it. It seemed to work, but it came back. I hate it! I just went to a new podiatrist and he gave me a shot in my heel and some orthotic insoles.

He was honest and upfront with me and said it may take a couple shots to take care of it, but I have my doubts. I will say that that shot smarted! Even though he froze the area, I could still feel it. Ouch!

Hard to say what will happen. I don't feel confident. The shot has helped, but every once in awhile i still get a few seconds of throbbing ache.

We will see what happens. i go back in 2 weeks.

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