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I have had planctar fasciitis for 4-5 years now I have tried exercises, injections (about 7-8 of them), shoe insoles and I use crutches as well (but I use them for another problem too but I couldn't walk without them with having the pain so bad) I have trouble with both feet different problems).
I went to my podiatrists today to see them again as they discharged me last year and it's a 5-15week wait
I've just been doing some bedtime research Apparently there is a special type of splint that you put on at night and loads of people who have tried it have said that it has worked
I really can't afford one which I know sounds ridiculous as they are £13 but that's alot of money to me
Should I wait to see the podiatrist and see if they can provide me with one of these night splints or is there another avenue I haven't tried that won't cost me any money

Thanks you for your help


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Lex- I would wait until you see the podiatrist to get your night splint. Before I had the PR surgery in 2010, my Dr. gave me the night splint to try to see if it worked. I wore it every night for a month, and in my case the night splint offered no relief for the facia pain. The splint he gave me was charged directly to my insurance so I paid nothing for it.

Good luck!
Hi Monique

Thank you for your reply
I don't pay for my treatment or supplies as I live in England and get it on the NHS
So I guess I will have to just keep taking the Naproxin and morphine for now
Sorry I don't take them just for the planctar fasciitis I have other problems that do actually need that much pain relief it just hardly seems to work on the planctar fasciitis

Hi Lex, I know that night splints have helped a lot of people, but please be very careful with these. Pay attention to your limits and don't do anything that causes more pain. Stretching, as important as it is with most ailments, is extremely risky when it comes to the fascia. It is so easy to over stretch the fascia and cause more damage.

Thanks now I am aware of that I will be very careful

Kind regards


Hi Lex, Try Vionic shoes or the inserts. Amazon sells them. I've tried everything and had the surgery which has been a complete nightmare. Long story short, I finally decided to try these and they have been a god send!

Hi JoanB

I wear insoles that are specially fitted for my feet from my podiatrist, so I can't try different ones
But thank you
Hi kimberly1evans

Thank you for your message
Is your planctar fasciitis cured now?
I'm seriously considering the splint but I always do my exercises but they just don't seem to help

Hi everyone
I'm really thinking about the surgery does anyone think it will help

Hi Lex,

I had my podiatrist make custom inserts for my feet as well. Especially because I have a leg length discrepancy. My right leg is 1/2 longer than my left leg which puts even more strain on my right foot with the PF.  I can't wear them. They were more painful than any of the others that I tried.  And believe me, I have tried so many.  The very first ones that the Podiatrist gave me to try that mold to your feet.  I tried cheap ones like Dr. Sholls.  I bought very expensive ones from other websites.  Nothing helped.  Then I saw these and read the reviews.  I said WTF, might as well try it and they have put me back on my feet.  Now I can start concentrating on losing some of the damn weight that I gained from not being able to walk more than 100 steps per day.   

I walked this past Sunday for the first time in so long!!  I was able to do 2 miles!  I have always been active and would powerwalk and do yoga and since this injury/then the stupid surgery which made it worse, I wasn't able to do either.  I’m so happy I gave these a try.  Heck what do you have to lose? Try them for $35.  I was apprehensive at first since nothing else worked.

Don't have the surgery!  It only causes more trauma to your foot.  I ended up with a fractured talus bone as a result.  

I wouldn't recommend surgery either. I cured my feet after limping for 8 months, and it has never come back. I know of a lot of other people who have had great results as well without having surgery. I know it's tough, I've been there. I've included the link to what I used, as well as the testimonial page so you can view other stories similar to your own. Wishing you all the best.   *Click on the 'foot' testimonials

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