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Dear Friends,

I have been diagnosed with PF in both my heels recently. I got into this by excessive walking all of a sudden around 9 to 10 Kms per day.

Initially my heels used to pain a lot, and I couldn't walk bare foot at all. The pain was excruciating. As per my doctor's advice, I've been doing feet stretching exercises before getting out of my bed.

The pain is usually there only during the first 15 to 20 minutes after getting out of bed. And during the day, the pain is not there, until I stand for longer duration, or when I go shopping.

Sometimes I also feel pain in the back of my heels. I dont know if I also have mild achilles tendonitis.

I want to keep myself fit, so I want to walk for say 30 minutes every day. Do you suggest me to walk for 30 minutes for a day, or I shouldn't be taking such walking at all for a couple of months?

Please advice.



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Don't walk for 30 minutes a day until you can get out of bed and not feel pain for 3 weeks straight. Get yourself a good running shoe and some powerstep pinnacle inserts and use them everyday.  Even around the house and at work.  Use a stationary bike or swimming to stay in shape.  Take it from someone that was an active runner and basketball player who got it so bad that I couldn't walk.  You are at the early stages and you can prevent this from getting much much worse.   Also you should do plantar stretches and calf stretches and pick up marbles with your toes and put them in a jar.  All of this strengthens your feet.  Ice baths are good too.

2 years later, I'm healed.

I was diagnosed with PF and heel spurs all on the same foot about a year ago.I tried to stay off the foot when I could for about a year with no improvement.Stretching at home did not work for me.recently I have begun walking slowly with good walking shoes about 30 to 40 minutes a day.I built up to this over a few months.this seems to give me the stretch I need to relieve the pain.What I do not know is if this activity is helping Me to heal? or hindering My healing progress?.Shoe inserts like heel cups just increased My pain.

I used to have a very bad pain due to PF and heel spurs.. I had them on both the feet. The pain used to be excruciating.. I never used to feel like putting my feet on the floor in the morning. I just started doing stretch exercises before getting off the bed in the morning, and sitting for long hours. And I started walking for 30 minutes everyday with short footsteps. And believe me, the pain is gone.. its reduced 95%.. I did not take any medicine, even analgesics. Now, I feel my feet are tired if I stand still for hours.. like in queue or someplace like that.. Also, I wore silicone heel cups in my shoes for sometime..

I am glad that You are feeling better.I will continue walking .Hopefully this will also decrease My pain.

But please make sure you follow the below while walking.

1. Do not take long steps.. Take short steps..

2. Do not walk in the hilly area.. Make sure the walking area is plains.

3. Do not walk on the uneven areas.

4. Wear good cushioned shoes.

Good Luck.. Wish you a speedy recovery.

thomas zera said:

I am glad that You are feeling better.I will continue walking .Hopefully this will also decrease My pain.

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