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So I have been diagnosed with a pretty serious case of pf in my left foot.  This has caused me to change the way that I walk and I now have a very irritated nerve on the top of my foot between my toes.  I am now experiencing a vibrating feeling on the bottom of my foot traveling to my toes.  The best way that I can explain this is if you are trying to force a whole lot of water through a very small hole.  Anyways, I received two injections today in my foot, one in my heel and one in that nerve between my toes.  Needless to say my foot is still vibrating.  Has anyone experienced this and knows what it is and how to stop it???  It doesn't hurt but it drives me absolutely nuts, i mean to a point to where I would rather have my foot removed if they cannot stop the vibrating.  Thanks for any advice.--Katie

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Hi Katie, I have PF in both my feet, was diagnosed about 2 years ago. Over the years poor shoes and I gained weight I guess brought this on, trying to lose the weight might help. I have vibration in my feet especially left foot, mine feels like a cell phone vibrating its pretty faint to doesn't bug me too much but I am hoping its just to do with pf in my feet and nothing more serious, going to the dr this week to see what she says.

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