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New to this community, thanks in advance for any help! in brief, I have PF and a heel spur in my left foot. Probably one in my right, too, but it hasn't been x-rayed. I broke my left ankle four months ago in my adult gymnastics class, which is how the dr discovered the heel spur. Anyway! I have a lot of heel pain in both feet, especially the left, when I walk. I do have custom shoe inserts but they don't help that much. I also have Vibram five finger shoes and they cause much, much MUCH less PF pain along the arches of my foot. I can even run in them, and I haven't been able to run in shoes for ages. However, the heel pain is still terrible. Any advice would be very, very welcome. I also go back to my adult gymnastics classes in about 2 weeks and I am a bit worried about the heel pain there. Would taping it help?
Thank you!

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I am running and I am dealing with plantar fasciitis for more than a year now. There are many things you can do to treat your PF although I understood that treatment efficiency is very individual. If something works for one it may not work for the other.
Taping is great for me - I have found it very useful. Taping will keep your foot from getting injured again and will help you get through your daily routine. There are a few Taping techniques you can find in the internet.
I also found a very informative website in:
Take care & Good luck

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