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ICE has been my savior!!

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I work full time (two jobs at moment, 55 hrs a week) and am effectively a single mom (husband on assignment in Australia) of a very active 6 yr old. I've had PF on and off for 7 months - mostly on and mostly incredibly painful. Went to see an ortho surgeon when I was in Australia and got two steroid shots which helped for about 2-3 weeks. Now pain back and worse than before.

I've been on anaprox for the last 3+ weeks to manage the pain until I could get back home to the US to see a doc here, but am very disillusioned and thinking there is no end in sight. I used to run, bike ride, play with my son and right now I can barely walk around the block. I've gained 15+ pounds and hate the way I look. This stupid injury is affecting my entire quality of life and I just don't know where to turn.

Any advice? I can do ice and painkillers, but that doesn't solve the problem enough for how badly this hurts.

Thanks much.

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