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To give you a little bit of history…. Have been dealing with PF for about 2yrs now. Did all of the pre-surgical stuff to get it to stop hurting (PT, ultrasound, injections, inserts, etc) before I had surgery on my right foot last August. Have loved my results.  I’ve been dealing with some foot structure issues… due to overcompensation I’ve developed arthritis in my big toe joint.  Currently being treated with Voltaren to alleviate the pain. It works, I will give it that.  I had problems too with a Morton’s Neuroma but that has since gone away.


Now to my question…. I am having the release done on my left foot in two weeks. 


Last time I had surgery, I was placed in a surgical shoe afterwards.  I am reading here and that that those that were placed a boot had better recovery and dealing with overcompensation and no issues with toes than I have heard and personally went through on those that wore a surgical shoe.


What are your experiences wearing a boot or a surgical shoe?

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I had the surgical release in mid-October and on the operating table, got a cast-I woke up with it on. It was a walking cast that I used for 11 days (with getting a new one in the middle because I managed to get it wet). I have had no issues. Before that, I tried a night splint and couldn't tolerate it so that was stopped. I could manage to sleep with the cast. I had a little pain on the sides of my foot that I hadn't had before the surgery, but that is no longer the case, at 11 weeks.

Did you have any lateral column pain (pain on the outside edge of the foot)?  If so, did it resolve?

Not sure who you're asking, but I've mentioned elsewhere I had it briefly. ALl gone now, 13 weeks I think since surgery.

Asking AF, thanks for your reply previously.  I am just trying to get an idea what others have gone through post surgery to see whether what I am feeling is "normal."

Actually, I would not mind talking to your Caroline, if you don't mind me giving you a call.  I had some questions about that.  Please send a private message!

Just sent you a friend request, otherwise no private messages are possible.

I have been wearing normal sandals for over 5 years now. Orthofeet brand is wonderful for my feet issues. I would never change. I have tried other proper sandals but I always come back to the pedic walker style. It might not be the best looking one but it sure is the most comfortable brand.

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