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hi everyone!


I need some advice....


I am currently 4wks post op of having the release surgery done....   Last couple of weeks I've done alot of walking and have been in a lot of pain. I try my hardest to walk normal, but it hurts!

When I walk, I tend to walk on the outside of my foot instead of flat foot walking.  And its very painful.  I'm having pain in the top of my foot, middle by my toes. 


Went to the Pod yesterday for my one-month follow up, he manipulated it and such and it was extremely painful.... like the muscles hurt.... i dunno if i its muscles that hurting or the bones.  He thought maybe I had a fracture but just the got the call that the xrays done were clean, no fractures... he did get me a script for Mederol dunno how its gonna help....  do i need to get a second opinion on the foot pain in the middle area of foot?


or what can i do to help eleveate the pain?  I'm half tempted to go the urgent care place and ask for an MRI or something since fractures are rarely seen on xray. the pain from PF is pretty much gone, i'm just now dealing with secondary pain and its frustrating. 


Any advice?

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A second opinion doesn't sound like such a bad idea.  Mederol will help with any inflammation you may have going on in there.  See what happens after you finish it and then decide what to do.  Since you aren't walking normally, you may be injuring another part of  your foot.  Have you gone to physical therapy?


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