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I'm having PF release surgery in 2 days. Just wondering if any of you had a heel bone spur as well as PF?  My podiatrist (the one doing the surgery) told me there are no studies showing the spur causes pain and she doesn't plan on dealing with the spur. But from what I've read online it seems as though the spur can be part of the problem. Anyway, she said no and won't touch it.
Going to also have an incision in my calf muscle to release tension. Anyone else have this? Is it painful/long time to heal?
Trying to not stress out and telling myself I will be out of pain soon, if the surgery works. :) 

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Hi JM. How did the surgery go? Do you find it gave any relief at all to the spur? Hope you are resting a lot and getting lots of cold on it. Hope to hear good results :)

Hello. I am doing well and recovering. I had a nerve block so I still don't feel a lot of pain yet. The doctor did the PF and the lengthening of the calf muscle. The spur is still in there. 

It feels weird because I can sort of feel my toes and foot in the boot, but not completely. There's still numbness and tingling. But only occasional pain.  So 2 days later the nerve block is still working. I don't know whether that's normal.

Thank you for asking about me. I appreciate it. :)

I'm glad you're doing well :) I'm surprised they didn't do anything with the spur while being in there. I'm not sure how long the nerve block is supposed to last, but lets hope awhile :)

Good luck with the rest of your recovery. Hope it is smooth and pain free :)

Glad to hear you are recovering, I finally have my surgery scheduled on Dec 15 after dealing with the pain of plantar fasciitis. Went thru al treatments of icing, cortisone shots, shock wave treatment, wearing the uncomfortable boot, exercising the foot and toes. Finally therapy and still painful.

To JM:

I also got suprised that they didn't do much about the heel spurs. Although some spurs are small enough to not cause any discomfort or pain, some do press on or impinge certain soft tissues which cause the discomfort and/or pain and may cause cumulative trauma. Maybe the doctor thought it was too small that it wouldn't really press on anything.

To Lisa Green:

I feel bad that you're still having the pain even after going through all those procedures. Even after physical therapy. Anyhow, hopefully the surgery will really relieve you of the discomfort for good. And go and recover fast. We'll wait for you. Recover well.

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