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Has anyone else wound up with a stress fracture as a result of Plantar Fasciitis?

I teach school and had LOTS of reasons why I couldn't take off from work.  I worked for a month with a terrible case of PF going on.  Unfortunately, to deal with having to walk on the concrete floors, I was putting my weight on the ball of my foot.  The very first day of summer vacation, I got up, started to the kitchen and POP!  Saw the dr. that day, but nothing could be found.  In the meantime I couldn't put weight on that foot for 2 weeks.  

Thankfully I already had an appointment with a podiatrist due to the PF.  This time he did weight bearing x-rays and found the stress fracture.  Had a boit for 4 weeks. One more week to go.  Past that I have to try and stay off of it as much as possible another 2 weeks.  Basically, this had taken my WHOLE summer.  

I am also very concerned because now that I am walking a little more (with the boot), my PF seems to be coming back.  The idea of those concrete floors come August strikes fest in my heart.

If anyone has any insight, by all means, please share!

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HI- I'm a teacher as well and have been in a boot and on and off crutches for the past 8 wks due to the 2 PRP injections in my torn left PF. Sadly my summer break is also a rehab break (if you can call it that shleping my 2 sons around). All I can say is do EVERYTHING to play by the rules as best you can (meaning don't do more than you are told to do) because once school starts, again those concrete floors will need your full strength. Do you have PF in 1 or both feet? I ask because the crutches seem to aggravate the "good"/non-treated foot. If you want to preserve that foot, I suggest trying a cream called "Topricin" also getting ART chiropractic work done, an laser and ultrasound treatments, ... do any treatment done to keep the good foot - good! 

PF is SUCH a teacher curse. One tip I can offer is get on craigslist and search for bar stools, plant the high chairs all around the classroom, so that you can get off your feet as much as possible while still moving around the room. 

Lastly, I own 3 of the Tommy Copper sleeves, and am still not sure what I think of them. At 1st I thought they were helpful, but you never know what tricks your mind plays on you when you WANT something to work. I've had bad days, worn the ankle sleeve and did not really feel much relief. I think I like ROCK TAPE better. 

Happy Summer- see lots of movies, read those books that you never had time for during the school year and make lots of coffee (and wine) dates with friends. See the summer as your truly deserved "down time, " let it be a positive for a busy teacher. 

Best- JB

First, for anyone who reads my original post, note that it was 2:00 AM and I was writing this message on my iphone.  I was HORRIFIED at the typos!  Please overlook those!


Now, jb:  Lets see.  I am going to address your response in order.  I am rather new to this (all started April 23rd - had a school event so the date is seered in my brain.  LOL).  What is PRP short for?  I only have PF in my right foot.  But I can easily see that if I had been up on this foot very much in the past 6 weeks, how that would have done a number on the left one. 


My biggest problem is the amount of space I have to cover in a day's time.  I teach special education (mild to moderate) and  I am in various classrooms throughout the day.  My own classroom, where I do my resource classes, is WAYYYYYY up on the other end of the school.  Already planning on bringing in a stool.


It has been years since I have done much reading, but I have taken it up again.  Trying hard to just take a big "chill pill".  Thankful one kid is grown and the other is darn near!  And, it's been a good time to reconnect with family and friends and get a good tan :) 


I sincerely hope you get some relief as well.....have a good rest of the summer yourself!

Thanks for the input,



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