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I came down with PF 10 months ago. Went to a Podiatrist and began the exercises and night splint then got orthotic inserts and finally cortisone shots. The shots took away the pain for 6 months but the pain came back 2 months ago. Have begun the exercises and night splint use again (I have used the inserts daily for past 8 months.)

I question if my use of the recmbent stationary bike for my exercises can be causing an issue as the middle of my feet are being pressed quite hard against the pedals. Any thoughts on this? I exercise on the bike 6 days a week for 80 minutes/20 miles daily.


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The inflammation is supposedly because of overstretched plantar, caused by gait, we pronate as we walk. I've read inumerous scientific articles and never heard of pressure being a cause. Cortisone is not a solution, it tackles the inflammation immediately, but it may aggravate the problem in the long term.

Good luck!

I wish those members who try out treatments like PRP and shockwave and surgery would come back to share the efficiency.

I would assume its the bike. I did nearly a 50 minute bike ride on Saturday and my pain has flared up. Very confusing as I thought biking was OK. I find it so hard to pinpoint the cause of flare ups. So frustrating. That seems like a lot of biking though! 

I would continually keep using the night splint. 

Don't bike. Don't walk. Swimming won't help you lose weight if you need to do so. Don't stand. Don't run. Don't skip.

But they never say "don't worry, be happy" with PF. Get fat and it will get worse.But don't exercise because it will get worse. Worser and worser.

WHOA!!! Some of these comments are crazy! The truth is, I work on the recumbent bike as well. I have knee issues that I live with everyday. However, the recumbent bike is a GREAT alternate to running. Running is high impact and causes trauma to the foot. But the recumbent bike is very easy on the feet. Instead of pushing with your feet, try the pedaling the opposite way. And i dont mean pedal backwards. What I mean is instead of pushing with your feet try pulling with your legs (if there are straps attached to the pedals). You'll have an opportunity to workout your hip flexors and your quads a little differently.

If the pain in your feet are too intense, try ice packs to dull the pain right before your workout. See if that works for you :) I"ve also created a great resource where most of your questions can be answered regarding how to deal with plantar fasciitis pain. And you don't need to look to surgery, especially since 30%-60% of patients report the pain coming back. Hope this helps!

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