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On October 5th this year I started a backpacking tour around Europe. A week before that I had visited my local VA hospital for "treatment" of my newly diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis. Things weren't too bad yet. Just pain when I started moving from resting a while. The nice foot doctor injected the site with a some type of steroid and the pain almost immediately went away. It stayed away, until I got off the plane in London. The doctor had said the pain would stay away for at least 6 months. It barely made it a week, and here I was walking on the uneven cobblestones of London with a 30lb backpack. Wee!

I'm coming back this January and I'll be scheduling an appointment as soon as I get there. 

Has anyone had better luck with this steroid shot, etc? 

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 What you probably had was a cortisone injection. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. The last time I got one it only lasted 3 weeks. There are exercises you can try, change of shoes and orthodics for your shoes. I have had PF for years and finally just had the surgery as all the other options had finally failed. You should see a podiatrist.

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