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I've had foot and ankle pain since 1992 and PF for the past 4+ years. 


After all the doctor prescribed things we have all tried, I found a shoe the eliminate the daily pain of walking.


The Adidas PowerBounce Ambition 2.0 completely eliminated the pain within a week or 2 of putting them on.  I've been wearing them almost exclusively since October 2010 and can now walk without pain, jog, and even wear regular shoes for a day without reaggrevating the PF.


I don't work for Adidas but they have the only shoe out of dozens I've tried that eliminate the sympotm of PF for much less than the doctors have charged me.


Unfortunately, when I went to get a new pair for work, Adidas has reduced the offerings to fewer models.  Maybe if more PF sufferers would buy them Adidas might broaden the offerings rather than reducing them.


Has anyone else tried this shoe?  Are my results an anomoly? 


I call them my magic shoes because I feel like a new man and the only thing I changed was my shoes.



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