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I am looking for a new shoe to help...


Pod doc gave me heat moldable inserts for my shoes but I've worn my shoes for about a yr now and its time to replace them.  They were Orthaheels.... like them but they dont allow my feet to breathe.


Does anyone use a good New Balance or something else that I can add my inserts into and get good support and comfort? 



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Do you live near a good athletic shoe store that will examine your feet and gait and recommend the right shoe?  I went to a Fleet Feet store and they really knew what they were doing and helped me find the perfect shoe.  I ended up with a pair of Asics gel shoes.  There are other shoe stores that do the same thing - Roadrunner, Feet First.  You could google them and see if any are nearby. 


At Fleet Feet she listened to my foot problems, watched me walk in bare feet and then recommended three different shoes and then I chose which one I liked the best.  A friend went with me and she did the same thing.  We are both very happy with our shoes. We were there for over an hour with each of us getting individual attention from a sales person.

I do have a shoe store.. same place I got my Orthoheel flip flops... I'll go check out and see what they have.  Thank you!


I had the PF release in June...  i need something to level out my walking... feel like I'm walking on the side of my foot which is causing a lot of stress on my foot... would a CAM Walker boot help with that? I go see the Pod today... 2 wks ago we did a b12 injection thinking it was a neuroma... I am soo tired of hurting.

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