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Dear Forum Members, Can I introduce myself and the treatment that I can offer for plantar fasciitis:

I am a consultant oncologist (cancer specialist), based in Guildford and London, with a specialist interest in treating non-cancer conditions with very low dose radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy has been found to work in patients who have tried everything else (resting/icing/stretching/footwear changes/shockwave therapy/cortisone injections), and where no other treatment has been effective. It can be used earlier in the disease, but for many people, the exercises etc can be very effective by themselves. It is a very low dose, so that it has no side-effects, and works by reducing inflammation and damping down disease activity.

I can treat patients throughout the UK. Only as a private treatment, as it is not available on the NHS.

So if you have tried other treatments, and are looking for something that has been proven to work in most people then I can offer a free initial consultation. Ideally, I would suggest that you get imaging (ultrasound or MRI) of your foot first, in order to prove that you have plantar fasciitis, as there are other causes for heel pain, but if your pain is typical then I can treat without.

If you want further information about the treatment, about me, or my contact details, then please see my website link below. I would also be very happy to answer any questions that you direct towards me about the treatment.

With kind regards,

Dr Richard Shaffer

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