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I am brand new to the group. I am a 54 year old male. I was diagnosed with PF about 1 month ago. I actually think I had it longer, but it was not diagnosed until after I was referred to a podiatrist.

Funny thing is that I have had toe achiness for several years now. My chiropracter fitted me with orthodics (not rigid) and they helped very little. I just learned to live with the toe aches.

I guess one day I felt I really needed to do something. The podiatrist I was referred to treated me by referring me for x-ray, and then taping my feet for a night.

Following that, he has me fitted with orthodics and put me on an exercise/stretching regimen. I have been wearing them as prescribed and doing my stretches. However, about a month ago I started experiencing severe pain in my left heel. I could barely walk. I went to the podiatrist who gave me a cortisone injection. That seemed to help for several weeks.

Then yesterday both heels flared up, and I could barely walk again. I just finished seeing the podiatrist and he injected both heels with cortisone. He explained that the limit for cortisone is 6, but he can go a bit higher with homeopathic.

I am a racquetball player. He said I have to stop playing immediately. I am in shock. I don't know what to do, as I don't know I'll do it a can't play.

My questions are these:

1. Am I going about treatment the right way? Should I be doing anything different? What?
2. No racquetball? Ever?
3. Are there any other exercises I can do that involve the lower body that are weight training? Ellipitcal is okay, but pretty much a bore. I like biking - can I do that? Any suggestions for a cardio exercise program?

If you are responding, thank you very much in advance.

Daniel Swartz
Cherry Hill, NJ

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my doctor told me stationary bike is fine and recommended. i just did 40 minutes today with no problem. also, doctor said weight training is fine.
i am assuming eliptical will be ok, too.
my thing is basketball and i am hearing that is going to be a problem, but i'm still hoping to get back to it.

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