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After over three years of foot pain that has increased horrifically, I have been reduced to giving in and getting the surgery on both my feet. (Yes, I said both. At the same time.) Next Wednesday (June 18th) is my surgery.

I have tried all the methods available to me. Over these three years, I have done everything from icing, stretching, wearing orthopedic shoes, physical therapy, and other methods. Unfortunately, I have an allergy to cortisone and couldn't get the shot. It was my last resort before surgery. Thus... here I am. Before I ask a few questions, let me explain a bit on what I have been dealing with.

I'm not exactly a skinny person. I'm more of a full-figured woman that carries it really well. Everything is proportional and balanced. Yet, I know I am heavy. Around three to four years ago, I started having foot pain. I was already getting checked out due to the fact that I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 15. My doctor at the time told me about the surgery but I didn't want something so invasive. Ignoring it and getting on with life, I didn't give it another thought. Over time, I was told that I had plantar fasciitis by three different doctors. I did the stretches and although it didn't go away, it helped managed it... Until I started my new job a little under two years ago (September, 2012.) It was a 10.5 hour job, four days a week. Warehouse job that required that I stand 10 hours daily on the floor. (It really was 10 hours. I was able to sit only on my lunch or break.) Then it went all downhill.

Almost 2 years later, I can't deal with it anymore. I can no longer sprint or run a yard without not being able to walk the next day. Most days, I crawl in the morning to the bathroom or use a cane to walk around. After working five hours, the pain gets worse. By the time I reached eight hours at work, I am already in tears, trying to bare the pain as I work. I limb 100% of the time and can't imagine a time when I am not limping. I am constantly declining invitations because I know that I will not be able to go through with it. I used to run, go for extremely long walks, and hike miles for hours on end. And I was reduced to just staying at home in pain.

My pain tolerance is amazing. And this simple problem was enough to make me cry. 

I was told I had plantar fasciitis, big heel spurs in both heels, and short (and tight) calf muscles.

So. After all of that, last week I decided to have surgery. In a matter of a week, I got it scheduled and here I am. A 21 year old woman who needs a cane to walk around and feels like she is 80 years old.

Here are a couple things I was wondering about...

1. How was it coming home from the surgery? (I am slightly afraid. I have to climb a big set of stairs to get to my bedroom. And I'm getting both feet done. How am I going to do it? I don't know.)

2. What were some of the things that were most difficult to do during the first two - three weeks?

3. What are some techniques that I should do for activities such as, showering, going to the bathroom, and being mobile?

4. Are there any Dos and Donts I should worry about?

5. How much pain do you have in the first 4 months?

6. What happens after the cast is taken off? How long until you should be good to go back to work?

That's all. Well, thanks for reading and hope to hear from some of you!!!

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Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I could have helped answer some of your concerns. How are your feet doing now? Are you back at work yet?

Don't worry about it! I was able to get most questions answered by then.

I actually am not yet back at work. Unfortunately, I can manage about a maximum of 5 hours walking before I can't anymore. The original pain for plantar fasciitis is almost completely gone. I still have pain on the bottom of my foot towards the 5 hour mark. I can't seem to get my feet to ever stop hurting. First time stepping is extremely hard. However, the day of the surgery I found that I had small tears on my right foot tendon. (The outside side of the right foot.) On the left foot, I am still having some pain on the upper part for the last year. Just had an MRI last week. On Tuesday I will find out what is wrong. My doctor suspects a stress fracture or early arthritis even!

The most pain is on my right foot though. I get these horrible pain cramps on my feet at any given time. I'm not sure what they could be! Any ideas?

I don't really know either.  Perhaps you are just up and about more now that your PF has subsided and you are putting new stresses or more stresses on your feet than you have been able to in the past.  Please lt us know what your doctor says.

Congrats on your battle with the plantar fasciitis!

What did your doctor say on Tuesday? Did the MRI show what is causing your pain?

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