Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis (PF)  What is that?   

PF is plantar fascia(ligament) syndromes, which have a range of possible aetiologies or  

diseases that could create such a set of circumstances.  

Pain such numbness, little to sharp pain that killing sufferers, .  

What is plantar fascia? Ligament connect from heel to all the toes. Please refer videos  

by Jason and others on this Web or googling it. 


Causes: Soft/weak unhealthy tissue, detachment at each/both end, over used, over stretch,

      previous medication/injection/surgery side effects, tear, foreign object, lump, fugal,  

      herpes virus, spur/bone, accident injuries and resonance vibration force on the ligament

      and poor foot wares protection, etc, .  


Cure: easy in acute (early stage first 2 months). After that in chronic stage depending   

       individual condition. Of cause it can be cured, depend who do you seek for help. 

       keep searching and stay positive, even you have exhausted with all the failures.





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