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Plantar Fasciitis and how i solved it. Hope you try it may work for you to.


  Last time I posted just the YouTube address, I completely forgot about my webpage. It has a very extensive description of how I discovered a solution to Plantar Fasciitis. Especially considering it all started while trying to resolve my groin hernia which I still have. But you should take a win, any way you can get it, in the pain relief game.  

  Have you never noticed, how Plantar Fasciitis and Carpal Tunnel pain comes and goes even during the day, and sometimes over several days? I used to have it very severely. But it is simple to solve and won’t cost you anything.  

  Note, there is nothing in this for me, except getting other people pain free. It is all in your diet. I know sounds weird but it works. Please watch the video and check out my website and try it, I hope certainly before any type of surgery.

 I cannot stress enough, the need to have a very narrow diet during the first couple of weeks (I’m talking white bread, water (this means no other liquid), 2 eggs a day, vegetables (fresh or frozen peas, carrots, green beans okay), meat, but all this must be with no toppings at all) and absolutely no pills of any kind. If you are on prescribed medication you just might be buggered but also maybe not depends what’s in it. It defiantly means no supplements such as 1 a day etcetera.  After 1 to 2 weeks depending on how bad you have it, you should see results i.e. pain free. Have a regular coffee or tea when your pain free, it will hurt but go back on the diet for a few days and it will go away. Try that as many times as you need to convince yourself that this is your problem and solution. Use the coffee or tea every couple of weeks to find out how far along you are. The further out you get from when you started the diet the less pain you will experience when you have that cup of coffee or tea. (Note don’t use decaf as that kind of defeats the point)

 Not sure on what percentage of people this will be effective. But not counting myself it’s worked on 3 people I know with P.F. and 1 with C.T.      

 I will ask one thing of you. When you realize it works please repost the video and website to all your social media accounts. Come back on this page and affirm it was successful for you, and maybe one day it will get general traction. Hopefully then these two problems will be a thing of the past for most people.

Thanks Have A Great Day

John Bartlett

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