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Dear Plantaar Fasciitis Sufferers,

I joined this Forum in 2009 with some disturbing foot pain. This pain increased until I was almost completely disabled. I found the cure, and it was not physical.

I just got done skiing with a backpack 35 miles in 48 hours, around Crater Lake, alone. I got my life back without surgery, after at least 8 physicians were ready to cut.

I am posting something about this again, because I would have wanted to get this information from a site like this, as an alternative view, way back when, in my fear and misery. I ask your forgiveness if what I am posting challenges your thinking in disturbing or hurtful ways. That is not my intention. 

I have a website which has some introductions to Dr. Sarno's approach, which is what I used. Contact me, and I'll help for free.

Also see this site, for discussion and educational materials, all for free.

I quote a recent post by a physical therapist on this site, which contains confirming evidence about what actually works to eliminate pain, vs a physical approach or surgery:

From "Plantar fasciitis myths and the latest research"

"In people with chronic pain the nervous system is hypersensitive and therefore will “sound the alarm” and cause pain even when there is no damage. The first step in managing chronic pain and “rewiring your brain” is recognizing this and reassuring yourself that part of the reason for your pain is the increased sensitivity of the nervous system. Research has shown the more you understand about pain and how it works, the better you will do. Understanding pain and strategies to help dial down your persistent pain are key for achieving long term relief."

This is one of the pillars of Dr. Sarno's mind-body approach. And let me be clear: the pain we feel is extreme and real. It is not in our minds. It is in our body and nervous system, and it can be treated with a knowledge approach.

Pushing through the pain is possible for some, until the symptoms stop, but not without the background information about what is actually causing the pain. And that approach is not the main application of Dr. Sarno's ideas. The main approach is learning, until the symptoms begin to subside, and then activity is gradually increased.

With Great Respect,

Andy Bayliss

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