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I've had some foot pain in the mornings especially the morning after running.  Although I do have some slight pain in the heel area, the more significant pain is toward the ball of my foot, on both the bottom and top.  Could this be Plantar Fasciitis or is it more likely some other issue?

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Can't diagnose you, but I started out with Plantar Fasciits pain in the heel and arch area.  Then, because my job (teacher) requires me to be on concrete floors for hours on end, I was in a LOT of pain.  Just to get through the day I would do all sorts of things including icing and stretching on my planning period.  I did not realize that I was putting more of my weight on the ball of my foot.  The pain is similar to what you are describing. The day after school got out I stepped on my tile floor and was greeted with a large POP!  Stress fracture.  Absolutely ruined my summer.  By all means, get this checked out before you wind up in worse trouble than what you started with!

My girl has been having problems with her feet for years, going to foot doctors has been rather unhelpful and always comes to the conclusion that surgery is her only help for relief. However I bought her a pair for work and the flip flops for everyday wear and the amount that it has helped has been phenomenal. I asked her to describe how they feel, she said not like walking on clouds, more like walking on sand because of how well they mold to her feet. She can be on her feet for the whole day with little to no heel/arch pain at all. Best investment I've made in long time. Thanks to orthofeet.

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