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  I'm looking for opinions from other PF sufferers. Any time I mention the possibility of surgery, any of my friends that have had PF say, "Don't do that. It'll go away. I had that and it went away after a few months. You just need good inserts in your shoes." I, however, have been dealing with PF for about a year and a half now. I stretch it, ice it, have inserts in my shoes (the good ones, not the flimsy Dr Scholl's ones), have had several cortisone shots (the first one helped for a while; the next 4 haven't done anything), have done physical therapy, and am now using a TENS unit. Nothing seems to help. 

  The doctor wants me to have some testing done to make sure it's not nerve damage or anything like that causing the pain, but if it's not, she brought up surgery as an eventual option. The pain isn't debilitating but it's constant. I have a job where I'm on my feet constantly and I'm tired of being in pain all day every day. I know there are people who are in way more pain than me, but again... I'm sick of it. I would love to hear from people who have been in my position. If you were me, would you consider surgery if nothing else starts to help soon?

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I suffered for over 3 years and tried all of your remedies except the cortisone injections), spent one summer in and orthopedic boot and and even tried extracorporeal shock-wave therapy on my own nickle--my insurance would not defray any of he costs. It was all to no avail and then I tried a new podiatrist that suggested serial casing (8 weeks of NWB in a series of hard casts that progressively increased the dorsiflextion of my foot. She said it was worth a try before resorting to surgery. I gave it a try and IT WORKED! I have been nearly pain free for 18 months now and have returned to running. I still follow preventative precautions with the custom orthotics and the use of my night splint. But my pain-free activities available now are astounding.

Mine was only my right foot but it is doing great. Hopefully you are not suffering bilaterally. But you might consider it before undergoing the irreversible surgical routine.

Karla Perez

I am a runner that was also dealing with this for about 1.5 years and like you i tried a number of things so i can empathize with you. What worked for me was eswt therapy(google it). I had about 6 sessions and at first i thought that i was again wasting my money and time and adding to my frustration. If you've done any research on this malady you would have discovered that long term pf is not an inflammation issue because biopsies of long term sufferers that went through surgery revealed necrotic tissue. ESWT stimulates blood flow to help the area regenerate. I no longer wear orthotics but instead i insert a pair of "heal that pain" full length inserts and i am running again at 30 miles per week. Good Luck and keep the faith.

For me, surgery is always the last option. As you have already done almost all possible approaches to treatment of your PF, I'm thinking a next approach would be (if it is possible) to find some form of change in lifestyle, like compensation perhaps to your too much standing at work, like shifting weight from one leg to the other every so often?

By the way, do you still feel the pain even on your days off or vacations? Or when you're just resting at home, lying down in bed? Because if rest seems to relieve it a bit and help with the healing, therefore, we have to change something about your everyday activities that cause the pain. We have to hit the source after all, aren't we?

Next, what your doctor suggested was valid. Try to rule-out other possible causes of the symptoms. Maybe we're not hitting the right source after all, that's why the pain is recurrent or doesn't go away.

For me, no need for surgery yet until we definitely confirm that the source of the pain really is a surgical case. 

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