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Dear fellow sufferers,

I've written before in these discussions about the non-invasive treatment I received in Russia. And how all the physio therapy given me in the UK just put me further down the pain tunnel until special laser therapy in Russia gave me new hope. But then, I decided to stop writing for a while and wait until I was absolutely sure the laser based treatments I took had really brought the improvement and pain relief I'd been told to expect.  Well, now after two separate 10 day sessions of a combined, cold laser-magneto therapy-ultrasound complex, I've made enough progress to convince me that this is a sensational solution.

I'm now walking virtually without painful sensation in my heel and all pain disappeared from the side of my foot and ankle, because I'm not compensating my gait any more. Of course, I'm careful not to overload my foot and I do still get tired if I overdo it. But, taking into account that I started to get bad heel pain last August and by the end of September was in excruciating pain, the laser treatment I started in December really helped me. Enough to convince me that a second session was worth financing with a second trip to Russia in March where my last treatment ended April 14. My Russian therapist had said I would feel definite improvement about a month later and she's been bang on again. Up until I started this treatment schedule I'd changed my life to adapt to a new world of pain.

About 3 weeks ago I re-started my usual morning exercise routines which involve a 40 minute walk, then a 20 minute work out in our local park (press-ups; squats; crunches; stretches) followed by another 20 minute walk back to home. I'm managing this every day now. The stretches, achilles tendon and hamstring, are really important and I'm feeling better everyday. I wouldn't say I'm back to power walking yet - but I'm close and progressing!

So, ask your therapists about laser treatment to move that scar tissue, magneto therapy to reduce inflammation and ultrasound to stimulate circulation in the injured area. It worked for me and it works for sports patients in Russia. So why shouldn't it work for you?

Good luck to all of you ...... D


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Is this the so-called "Cold LASER" treatment that I have read about?

Quite possibly - my treatment was with low level laser (often referred to as cold laser) and my therapist said it was to remove scar tissue so that the body's nutrients could proceed more efficiently with the repair process. Then, immediately after this treatment, she put me into magneto-therapy designed to lower inflammation followed by ultrasound stimulation to increase circulation. The whole trilogy was completed in 40 minutes each day and I had ten sessions over the two weeks I was there. The effect was not immediate, but two weeks later I realised my pain level had dropped considerably. Then to really put my foot on the recovery path, I took another series of treatments 3 months later and now I'm feeling very good about it.

T. D. Sharkey said:

Is this the so-called "Cold LASER" treatment that I have read about?



Where did you get this treatment?  I live in the U.S. in San Diego, California and would like to try it.




I took my treatment at a clinic outside of Moscow where I have some medical friends, one of whom is head of the physiotherapy section. Now that may not help you but there is no reason why this treatment can not be applied at a US clinic. You should go on to Google to find where you can get cold laser treatment for sports injuries close to your base and enquire if they have magnetic therapy and ultrasound available too. This trilogy of treatments has got me back on my feet and stabilised my condition. I still have some tightness in the foot and can feel where my problem started in the heel but it doesn't hurt any more, as long as I'm careful. It gets better every day (fingers crossed) or should it be toes!!

Let us know how you get on, David

Heather S. said:



Where did you get this treatment?  I live in the U.S. in San Diego, California and would like to try it.



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