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Since I was here last a lot has changed so i'm starting a new post and was first diagnosed with PF

I had an x-ray of my left foot inner ankle because of the swelling on the, which showed a heel spur, the treating Dr seemed a bit alarmed he said my x-rays were really bad he didn't really elaborate other than saying that I have a big bone spur. He asked if I had problems with my ankle, I hadn't noticed any so he manipulated my foot and it caused minor discomfort. So he referred me to a Podiatrist.

I went home and looked at my x-ray on my laptop and sure enough there is a bone spur, the top of the ankle has an area he circled so I'm assuming there is an issue there as well.

My first visit with the podiatrist seemed like a repeat of everything I had just gone through. I asked about the x-rays, there is nothing wrong with them was his response.  He asked what had been done by the other Dr. I started to tell him and he interrupted me and said "I don't know what they did nor do I care" He then took a needle and injected my heel, I asked him what it was, he replied "an anti-inflammatory" (no specific name given) he ordered me to do a months worth of PT (Last Dr just told me to do stretches at home because PT was too costly) and he scheduled me to see him and also get custom orthotics (I was told that the Dr Scholls custom inserts were equivillant to prescribed ones).

Within a week of getting the shot, new symptoms set in I now have minor twitching in my 3 little toes, I have numbness now starting from the toes to about 6 inches above the ankle, and if I step wrong my achillies hurts on the lower part of my ankle.

My visit was yesterday I got fit for my orthotics, he came in and I told him about my new symptoms and said "I don't know what's causing them" didn't seem to care either, and released me to go back to work.

I'm not 100% convinced of my diagnosis at this point since the majority of my pain is PF, I only seem to have any type of major pain when I over do lifting heavy items and then it will hurt for a few days. Oddly when I stand in my shower I have been able to tell for months that the bone spur was there, it will hurt and feel like i'm standing on something hard, that same spot is my same source of pain when I walk or stand on concrete surfaces (sidewalks or retail store floors) Walking around on my floors at home doesn't seem to aggrivate it!

I forgot to add I have done tons of research on the heel since I first started going to the Dr in June, if I do the calcaneal squueze test on I feel pain there. frustrated!

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Most doctors and information I have read says that the bone spur does not cause the pain, it is the plantar fascia causing the pain and is the cause of the heel spur - I have a heel spur too but my pod was not concerned with it. I just recently had the endoscopic rlease after 3 years of pain. I am sorry you are in pain and have to deal with a pain in the a@@ podiatrist too. I would suggest going to a different podiatrist who is willing to listen to your concerns and explain things to you. The only reason why I never got a second opinion was because my Pod, always explained everything in detail to me and explained all the options I had for treatment - I was lucky finding her. I hope you get some answers soon and find some relief from the pain. If you have questions on different treatment options etc, ask away on this forum - a lot of us probably consider us experts by experience!

Thanks Erin, 

I'm now scheduled to see a new pod. this week. Thank your comments, it's great to have a forum where other people understand what we go through. I am real curious to know if this extent of problems are normal. I know going back to work the next 3 days will be rough, but I have things to better cope with the pain when I first left work 2 1/2 months ago, but i'm sure I won't keel over and die! lol

After seeing a second Pod. I'm still left very the one before he has no idea why I'm having these other symptoms, he claims that it makes no sense to him. He of is guessing it is from over compensating the use of that foot. I don't know where he has that idea since I spent the better part of 2 1/2 mo. staying off of it the majority of the time...I feel hopeless..........

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