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It all started 4 months ago when (out of the blue) I got this sharp pain in the arches of my feet while walking on the street. After 2 weeks the pain had distributed to my feet soles. It got to a point where I could hardly walk. It was awful. I'm a hiper active type so sitting down for most of the day was soul crushing. My lower legs and my knees hurted too (muscle tension). So I went to my local podiatrist, he confirmed PF and informed me I have very high arches. The fashion victim in me had succumbed to the flat shoe trend 3 years ago and I've been walking kilometers in those evil flats daily. Flats are even worse than high heels (but I didn't know it) because they offer no support and cause a lot of ankle pronation. So there I was with a tendonitis due to a fashion trend. How silly is that.


He made me some (expensive, like 200 pounds) custom made orthopedics. Gave me stretching exercises for the Achilles tendon and contrast baths 3 times a day (inserting my feet in a bucket with hot and cold water). Getting used to the orthopedics was a nightmare. It felt like walking on golf balls. Rectification to the curve of my over pronated ankles was really painful. My ankles were killing me day and night.


So I followed the guy's advice and wore the orthopedic insoles at all times. Plus I did the contrast baths 3 times a day (religiously) and the Achilles stretching. I did "cheat" a little bit and took muscle relaxants (Diazepam 5mm, like a couple pills a week) when the pain was too much  (It worked wonders by the way).


The good news is that after 4 months my plantar fasciitis is GONE. Gone. Gone. I strongly believe it was a mixture of rest, orthopedics and contrast baths what cured my PF.

Oh, and no more flats for me. From now on all my shoes have a good arch support, thick sole and a one inch heel.


Hope my story helps someone. 

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