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Most comfortable shoe to wear with a suit and my PF recovery story

First and foremost, I need a recommendation for a comfortable shoe to wear with a suit.   I just started a new job which requires pleanty of traveling.  Walking through airports, walking around trade shows, etc.  Looking for a dress shoe to wear with a suit that has a thick enough rubber sole that is comfortable like a walking shoe that will work with my powerstep pinnacle inserts.

I was told to get sandro moscoloni arthur slip-ons.  What a joke.  Not only do these not work with my inserts because my heel slips out, I wore them for 1 week and the bottom of my feet is killing me.  They are going straight back to DSW with recepit and if they don't take them back because they are worn, I'll just tell them to destroy them because they are junk and not even worthy of donating to charity  causing someone to most likely develop PF from wearing them.

I tried on various pairs of Ecco, Cole Haan Air, Johnston & Murphy, Finn Comfort Hilversum today with and without my inserts and they all hurt my feet.  I put these same inserts into a pair of brand new Asics 2160 GT shoes, and my feet feel perfect.  Go figure.  

People make the mistake of walking around in a store trying on a pair of shoes and thinking that they are going to feel good because they feel good in store.  Of-course once you wear them for a week and they hurt your feet, you can't return them because they are worn.  A catch-22 if you will.

The way to try on a pair of shoes to determine if they are comfortable is to try them on WHILE YOUR FEET ARE IN PAIN.  If your feet hurt when walking on cement in those shoes, then they are NOT the shoe for you.  Today, no shoe other than my Asics 2160 GT with Powerstep Pinnacle inserts resulted in no pain.  

I've come to the realization that NO DRESS SHOE (and by dress shoe I mean one that can be worn with a suit) is going to give the same level of comfort as a running shoe, or even a walkable shoe for that matter.  I challenge someone to prove me wrong.  Recommend me a shoe and I will try it on tomorrow and see.

I had plantar-fasciitis for 2 years and I am not about to allow myself to get it again simply because shoe makers can't design a proper dress shoe that has the comfort of a walking shoe.  These 2mm thick soles that the store managers tell me will be comfortable are laughable at best.  Even if it's rubber instead of leather, it's still makes my feet hurt.

I got PF from playing baskeball 15 hours a week and running on a treadmill for 15 miles a week, every week for a year.  I wore proper footware, and did proper stretching and PF preventative measures.  It didn't matter.  I still got it.  Doesn't matter how well you strengthen your feet, overuse is going to damage your plantar.  Just look at NBA players who are in top condition with strong feet.  They still get it from the constant pounding.

I cured my PF by wearing 3 different pairs of Asics 2160 GT running shoes and Powerstep pinnacle inserts everyday for 2 years straight.  Even to work with dress slacks and around the house.  Yes, 2 YEARS for a severe case as mine. I never took my shoes off and I never wore an uncomfortable night splint.  I tried them all.  Stretching, icing, taping, night splints, professional sonar therapy and strengthening helps maybe 10%, but trust me, you need to REST your feet for a very long time and that means giving up running altogether for a long time in order to fully cure it.  Don't think that because they feel good in 8 weeks after doing all this that you are ready to go.  It WILL flare back up, trust me.  My first steps out of bed are pain free now even though the bottom of my feet are store from last weeks travel.

So tell me, which dress shoes have a thick rubber sole that can be worn with a suit and will work with something like a powerstep pinnacle orthodic.  I trust powersep over a custom orthodic any day of the week.

I'll wear my Asics with my suit before I suffer from PF again LOL.  Such a long recovery time for such a small ligament.   I'm just now ready to start running again, and a bout of PF is the last thing I need.  I honestly hope there's a shoe out there that fits my needs.  What has worked for you?

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I did receive them. They are just as beautiful as in the picture. And best of all.....they fit me! I ordered shoes with an easy, wide, 2" heel. Since it had been decades since I had walked in anything but a flat, I was a little concerned that I'd be twisting my ankle or some such. Nope. Didn't happen. I was careful, yes. But, the heel is wide enough yet stylish that I felt more dressed up than in any other shoes I'd had in many, many years and didn't embarrass myself by falling down. I did receive them. They are just as beautiful as in the picture. And best of all.....they fit me! I ordered shoes from orthofeet with an easy, wide, 2" heel.

I had to do a Google search to find who sold Orthofeet Biofit Pacific Palisades and you came up. So I bought them from orthofeet. The shoes DO fit as they should. I have noticed however, that they are not as beefy as before. I can understand as they are expensive shoes and the manufacturer is trying to keep the price down. But they still fit perfectly, accepted my orthotic without complaint, and my feet still have wiggle room for my toes. Great shoe. I fervently hope you continue to carry these and the manufacturer will continue to make them. 

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