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Hi all


after the last 3 years of pf , physio orthotics icing, etc etc, i finally got to try the laser treatment recommended by a physio.


I went and first of all weird like almost immediately felt difference, then two weeks later back to normal  , maybe even slightly worse, 3 month weight list , although you pay €150 and my health insurance pays the balance so second time around , the doctor focused on my left heel which really sore, he gave me loads of laser and said he should not see me again, unless i want, two weeks later pain back full blast and i am given up. They dont operate on pf heelspurs in ireland so i dont know what to do, I have put on excess weight due to lack of running or walking but also comfort eating its like a yo yo, so I suspose what i might ask, where now?? what difference would a physical therapist do rather than a physiotherapist? I have spent approx €7k in 3 years so would really appreciate any comments or info, as running out of money idea and actually some times the pain so bad i feel i need to hit the spurs with a hammer they ache so bad



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