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I'm treating my PF with stretching, self-massaging and using Valtoren at nite.  Since I started stretching my pain level in the morning has DECREASED dramatically, but I find that right after stretching/massaging the pain is high, and lessens to a dull roar for a good period after that.  I am wondering if that is common during early, mechanical treatment.  I have only been 'really' treating it for a couple weeks now.

How I wish I had researched heel pain 3 years ago when it started small, just a bit in the morning waking up, but it went away quickly and I passed it over with my busy life.  Recently it had gotten quite intense in the morning or after a long period sitting and lasts the entire day at some level of pain, tho normally pretty low.

Have been to see Ortho dr. x-rays show no other abnormality.  I have mid to high arches, not flat feet. I am not a runner, I have been exercising with a rebounder for the past 5 years, with the understanding that the lesser impact was a better, safer workout.  Now I wonder.

Any feedback on the pain during my early treatment would be appreciated.  Thanx.

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The reason you are experiencing more pain in the morning and after sitting for long periods of time is because of the reduced circulation from in-activity. It can seem quite contradictory sometimes, as we are told to rest the injured area to prevent re-injury but to also move it to increase the circulation and speed up the healing. Stretching and massaging are ways to improve circulation however, stretching can be also very damaging. Over stretching and over using the plantar is what causes plantar fasciitis in the first place. There is a very fine line between stretching to get some circulation and over-stretching and causing more damage. Do not over stretch and do not do things that hurt. I recommend resting your foot on a cold compress after any activity on your feet to help reduce inflammation and to focus the rest of the time on treatments that will help with circulation. I hope this helps :)

Firstly, glad to hear no abnormality on diagnostic examinations. So then, we really boil down to PF treatment.

Stretching can definitely cause pain especially when done too much. Stretching is not the only thing we need to do to treat things. Stretching is not all. We still have to do mobilizations of tissues and bones to correct any malalignment or tight tissues. Pulling on structures won't always guarantee that they'll go back to their normal positions. That's why we still have to do alignment.

You're doing good management actually, with the combined self-massaging and Voltaren. I believe try not to stretch too vigorously. Soft tissues have their limits. If you stretch them too far beyond what they're capable of at the moment, they'll just sprain or tear. Ankle sprains for example are in fact too much stretch on the ligaments.

So in short, don't rush the stretching, keep the massage, and if you can, try to check for malalignments.

I would suggest you to consult a physiotherapist further treatment. You can also try some stretching and strengthening exercises with the guidance of him.  I think, you are using your legs more than your upper body, It may cause leg strain. I am also suffering from PF and had a thigh strain and heel pain because of this. I was unable to move a little. It made me afraid of my hockey career and go for a physiotherapy treatment for immediate healing. The doctors suggested me to do some sports specific exercises after my cold therapy and compression treatment. It really worked for me. It is important to complete the treatment program as per the prescription of an expert in order to avoid the unnecessary risks. All the best.


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