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Had PF release surgery in June... having pain in forefoot by toes...


Well, went to the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday.... spoke  with her PA instead of the actual surgeon lol....  seems that I may have whats called MTP Synovitis.  Its where the ligaments and tendons that connect your toes get stretched from over compensation and/or swelling.  My toe next to my big toe on my right foot kind of has a mind of its own and does not lay flat. They did weight bearing xrays and it also shows my foot starting to hammer out from stuff being stretched.  They can do more cortisone injections into the joints/knuckles of my toes but I declined, i have had enough of those.... but the other option to fix the problem is surgery... they go in and basically make a lasso and tighten up the loose ligaments... I go back on the 8th after they look at my MRIs that were taken 3 wks ago.


I'm also in another predicament...  My left foot is now starting to hurt AGAIN with fasciitis... been doing my stretching, etc but nothing...  I'm deciding whether or not to do surgery on that one... it worked for my right foot just need to do things differently as far as footwear afterwards maybe a boot instead of a shoe.... I am supposed to see my Pod this thursday (the 1st)... debating on telling him i seeked out a second opinion about the right foot and see what he does about the left. 


What would you do?

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I am glad you are getting a second opinion. You are having a lot of problems and nothing seems to work. I certainly would not keep getting surgery just because a doctor wants you to. The old adage is right. Surgeons love to cut. I would tell your foot doctor you saw someone else. Maybe it will make him rethink what is going on with you.

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