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I've been dealing with PF for seven months now and tried the following:

1) Cortisone shots

2) Massage therapy

3) Trigger point therapy

4) Ultrasound

5) Drinking lemon water (I was desperate and listened to a hokey story that lemon water works)

6) Stretching

7) Rolling tennis ball under my feet

8) Wearing the night splint

9) Active Release Therapy

10) Graston's Technique

11) Rolling ice bottle under my foot

Nothing seemed to work until I read Dr. Paul Ingraham's ebook SAVE YOURSELF FROM PLANTAR FASCIITIS.  He agrees that many of the above techniques aren't necessarily going to harm you, but they won't help either until you get the inflammation down.

His theory is that you must ice like you've never iced before.  Go NUTS with icing, especially if you can't rest your foot. Seriously, once I started going crazy with the icing, my PF started to heal.  I take Dixie cups and fill them with water, and at least ten times a day, I dig hard into my foot and calf for about three minutes at a time.  I keep a cooler in my car, and when I leave a store, I ice my foot in the car.  When I mow the lawn, I immediately ice afterwards. You have to go ICE crazy for a few weeks and rest it as much as you can.  Icing only 3-4 times a day won't do it; you have to be diligent and just go at it like your life depends on it for a few weeks.

Is it time consuming?  Heck, yes.  Does it seem to finally be helping?  YES.  It's slow going, I admit, but I am FINALLY starting to feel some relief.  I'm at the point now where mornings and evenings are still bad, but the rest of the day is close to 90% tolerable in terms of walking. 

Contrast baths (1 minute ice water, 2 minutes warm water at least four reps) has also joined my regimen once or twice a day, and that promotes blood flow since the contrasting temps cause vessels to constrict and pump blood to the area.

I also ordered a pair of OESH shoes and they feel great!!!

Good luck all.  PF invades your whole life.

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I was thinking about buying that book. Other than ice like crazy are their any other good tips?

dansko shoes are the only thing that will work....  you need nothing else. takes a couple of weeks but pain completely goes away.. I only wear them during my work hours. the rest of the time i wear what ever I want. I not only have pf but heel spurs and I haven't heard from them in years....

I have had PF for over one year.  The shots, the stretching, water bottles at work with ice, golf balls, night splints, good shoes, heel inserts....nothing works.  I am trying to lose some weight..not much over weight, but even a little will help, but the pain has restricted my excersize routine.  This week I am going for an MRI and will possiblly do shock wave therapy.  Has anyone done this and does it help.  Today I had a migrane and took 2 Exedrin Migrane in the morning--for some reason, I have a lot less pain today.

Haris I have tried everything you have and more. I have been doing the shock wave therapy for a few weeks now and it has helped but I find it's short term. I just started this new thing called ASTYM and I feel a huge difference just keeping my fingers crossed that the pain stays away.

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