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I've been feeling guilty for not sharing my experience since my last posting.

Here goes, though I won't get involved in further discussions. It's my own experience from which some of you may or may not learn about your own condition and how to get rid of it.

I had a chronic, intolerable condition for 3.5 yrs. Last year I became bed-ridden for 3 months since not only could I not walk, I couldn't even stand on my heels. I was desperate.

I had 5 strong cortisone injections whose effects lasted up to 5 months but the condition was recurrent and aggravating. No specialists provided answers and my own research on the topic was confusing and perplexing.

Today I walk for 6-7 yrs a day painlessly. I got rid of PF however I continue follow a certain protocol. I do avoid uneven terrain, minimize walking on sand beaches or hiking in paths with stones.

1. My first step was to get customized insoles (yes they were expensive but the alternative was staying paralyzed). I cannot imagine even standing without them.

2. I only wear shoes with supportive soles, like Rockport or Clark's and won't risk wearing sandals or fancy shoes. For the first 6 months I wore the ugly stiff gym shoes.

3. I wear nightsplints to sleep and also when sitting for large periods of time. I wouldn't even attempt to sleep one single night without them on. And yes we do get used to them after 6 months.

4. I walk at least 1 hour per day, everyday. My initial protocol was to walk the same distance every day. I've tried one day without walking and I immediately notice a difference.

5. When I transitioned from an incapacity to stand without pain to being on my feet for days, I spent several weeks in a hot climate, soaking my feet in hot water (and found the jacuzzi to be particularly healing as it facilitated blood circulation). I also received regular, but intense heel massages 4 times per week. After each massage, and sometimes with pain I would walk an hour or 2.

I have regained my life. Once terrified that I couldn't walk I have finally returned to my normal life.

I hope sharing these details may help you deal with your PF and I wish everyone a complete recovery.

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