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There are recommendations to apply cool to the foot to treat the problem, but there is also statements that once the foot warms up in the morning, the pain reduces. Is anyone treating this condition with heat such as ultrasound, RF, or microwaves which would apply controlled local heating to the area. This would be like diathermy for various conditions that relate to pain?

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Hello Paul,

If you are interested about hot/cold theraphy on PF, you may want to get the following tutorial. It contains a chapter about contrasting techniques. It also discusses ultrasounds, proper icing and so on. Well worth the purchase if you are looking for a well-referenced, rounded approach on PF self-treatment. (just go down the list and select the PF tutorial)

You may also want to check "book" section (free) on heat which is quite detailed.

Individual experiences varies on the matter of heating your foot or not. Mine is that gentle heat is beneficial in the morning before stretching and making the first steps or before massage theraphy. (My physio would use ultrasounds for this purpose but I can't testify on it's healing potency). Others prefer applying heat in the evening, maybe because it's relaxing. :-) I think the key here is to use heat to relieve stiffness in feet muscles, tendons, etc. before challenging them so that your first steps are safer, but not so much that is exacerbates the inflammation.

Hope this helps!

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