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I have a tens unit I received some time ago for therapy related to another unjury.  Has anyone used a tens unit to relieve pain associated with PF?  Where do you place the electrode pads?   I can do up to 4 pad.



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Thank you for the advise and info Karly, I will definitely ask about this treatment!

Please do.  I thought the casting was just another treatment doomed to failure, especially since I had spent the previous summer in one of those orthopedic walking boots.  But it worked for me!

Is your PF confined to one foot (I hope--mine was)   That will make this treatment quicker and more tolerable.

The most pain I have ever felt in my life came from PF. I suppose everyone is different but I swear by my Tide II Vionic "sandals" or flip flops. They are expensive but they leave room to cup the heel and have actual arch support. I don't take them off and it has worked wonders for me. I have tried some of the other Orthaheel products but the Tide II flip flops are the only ones that have a solid base so the arch does not flatten when you walk.  Very comfortable. There are a few slippers that also work well like the Adilyn slippers but I did not like their shoes because they were just inserts placed in a shoe and did not feel as comfortable.  I now own 7 pairs of the Tide II, and a few  pairs of slippers. The Orthaheel inserts are decent but I think inserts are more a personal preference.  I realize you probably can't wear flip flops to work but this has worked so well for me. Any of their sandals, most of the slippers and their mules (which could be work to work) have the best heel cups and arch support. or amazon or anywhere that sells shoes.  They are made for pronation and PF though so they are harder to find in stores but their website will tell you if you can find them in your area. For me they have been a godsend. I hope this helps because at this point i'm not sure I could live without my Tide II's. 

Gloria said:

I'm so happy to have found this website of people who really understand what I'm going through with PF. I've had this pain for two years, I have tried everything the doctors tell me to do, but nothing seems to help. I had an MRI to rule out torn tendons or legaments. It showed the PF is very swollen, so I started PT. Nothing seems to help the severe pain I have. I can't stand the PT to massage my foot due to severe pain. I don't know what to do anymore, I don't want to be like this, please give me some advice on what to do.. please.

I have a tens unit and a small ultra sound unit.  I was diagnosed with plantar faciitis last December and for 3 months I could not walk.  I went to physical therapy for six weeks and just having someone to talk with about it helped. I did the ice but I did not do aspirin, I used arnica because I do not want the side effects of aspirin. Nothing helped.  What really was the turning point was the book The Mindbody Prescription.  It's now November and I'm not saying it's gone.  If I sit too long they ache.  When I get up in the morning they still ache but I am not disabled like in the beginning.  I guess I've just adjusted.  I still wear inserts and am not back into normal shoes yet but I am working on it.  Jeanie

Leslie, so those are the specific parts in the body that you can place a tens machines pads on. That's quite interesting and it's something that maybe I should talk to my aunt about. Mainly because of her diabetic condition and also of how she complains of getting back pain almost every day. `

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