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Everyone recommends never going barefoot if you have PF. However, I find that the only time I am pain-free, or nearly so, is going barefoot. Any kind of shoe makes the pain worse. When I do wear shoes, the recommended type (elevated heel, lots of arch support) are much more painful than the "bad" type (flat, thin soles, little or no arch support and cushioning). Has anyone else had this experience? Would I be damaging my foot more in the long run by going barefoot or wearing very minimal shoes as much as possible, even though it feels better for now? Can the "recommended" shoes actually be good for me if they cause more pain?

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I have been a sufferer of PF most of my adult life. Each time it flared, it changed my entire lifestyle. After sending years in the product design business for compression socks and hosiery, I decided to create something that deals with all the headaches of treatments availbale today It is based upon an FDA approved compression technology. Through the use of the technology for manufacturing medical stockings for ortho support and circulation, we designed a Compression Foot Sleeve that provides arch support, gentle stretching of the fascia and circulatory enhancements to reduce edema, a source of the pain we all have. For more information, read about FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve for yourself at We believe that we have the answer for millions! IT WORKED FOR ME and it is registered by the FDA and carries the Seal of American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

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I am so scared to go barefoot.  I was a gymnast when i was younger, and I never had shoes on.  I recently got PF from playing tennis too much.  This is the one sport that my and my husband love to play together.  It is our hobby.  I feel like I have lost the one thing I love.  I got some inserts at Wal-Mart that said for PF.  They seem to help a little.  I really want to get  back on the courts.  Do you have any suggestions?  Please help.  I am miserable.  Should I try going barefoot around the house during the day?  I have read every article i can on how to get rid of this PF....some are contradictory,

Hello, I find it very uncomfortable to walk around with no shoes on. But like you I found the pain unbearable in normal shoes. The only shoes I can wear for long periods of time are fitflops. This includes shoes, sandals and boots. They're the only thing that works for me. They're like walking on a cushion but with support.

Just realised how old the original thread is...hopefully you'll be in a different place now :-)

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