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Friday, Day 3 after PF release surgery on April 13, 2011

In the last 24 hours I've learned alot about pain. Today is my third day in bed after having PF release surgery on Wednesday.

When I left the hospital, my instructions were to "take the pain pills on a regular basis every 4 to 6 hours a needed, not to stop, but to continue taking them until you run , because you don't want to get behind the pain. keep ice behind your knee and keep it elevated."

Ok, so I was feeling pretty good yesterday, pain level was a 5 with medication, kept it iced and elevated. I'm taking two, 375mg of oxycodene-acetaminophen every four hours. My husband was bringing the meds to me every four hours, with food like clock work since I came home. I felt very groggy about an hour after each dose and would doze off, was a little annoyed with feeling so foggy, i have books to read, movies to watch....It was getting a little annoying and I was feeling pretty good. Well about 3:00 yesterday, i took my usual dose. The kids came home from school, I was all chatty with them, another friend stopped by to visit, still feeling good.....Didn't "doze" because of the stimulation. I ate dinner, and really felt normal. I was due for a dose at 7. Since I was feeling so good (distracted), I blew off the dose.

I blew it off for two reasons, one, I'm sick of feeling drugged, two...I didn't feel that I needed it, so why take it? Besides, my drugs are the good ones everyone gets addicted to....I dint want to get addicted. This was my chance ti start backing off, maybe taking one pill instead of two and taking them six hours apart instead of four. Besides, the bottle only had 30 pills and I was almost halfway through it. Certainly my doctor didn't think I needed them all? Are you following my logic here? Well let me tell you, blowing off that dosage at seven was a big mistake.

Around 8:30, I started to feel an ache...maybe a level 3 or 4. So I took one pill. By 9:30 I was using fresh icepacks and took a second pill. Pain was at 7 and not slowing down. By midnight I was an 8 or 9. Alternating stabbing, aching, burning. I took two pills. I laid in bed miserable until 2am.....I took one more pill, really worried that something was going to happen, but I was feeling awful and honestly didn't care. I had to go tinkle in the middle of the night, I was sooo woozy. Made it to bathroom via walker(works best when woozy). I made it back to bed and woke my husband bc I was in a cold sweat, due to the pain.....maybe the meds, more likely the pain. He helped me get situated again, fresh ice, fluffed pillows and I fell asleep. Woke at eight took two more, pain was at a three. had breakfast and dozed back to sleep. I woke at noon, had lunch, two pills and here I am, sharing my story.

I called the doctors office, explained pain levels, dosages, worry about getting addicted and I was almost out of pain pills. They called more in, a little stronger as well and said that this is normal. So kids, the moral of the story is take your meds.

Obviously everyines condition is different, everyines pain tolerance is different. I really consider myself as having a high pain tolerance. I gave birth three times, compete in triathlons, college swimmer.....I'm tough. Two years ago I did an open water swim with a mass start of 500 people, wearing a wetsuit in 60 degrees water w 40 degree air temp and had people banging into me, kicking was miserable. This PF pain isn't that bad by any feet have hurt for a really long time. This pain med has taken away the pain. So going back to pain really stinks. It's like a cortisone shot that wears off. It really stinks bc you are aware of how you had been living. I was reminded of the pain again last night, although it was much worse. I could feel where she had worked.

So if my cold water, kicked in the face, scary swim has emotional/ physical pain is my 10.
Three childbirths with epidurals emotional / physical was a 6 or 7.
My pain of walking around for six hours before PF and coming home wiped out, grouchy, achy back, exhausted foot throbbing, burning stabbing .....really bad PF day was an 8 or 9.
Last night was right there with my worst PF day.........but remember, I have since had three days much less pain than I had been living go back to it was miserable.

So I figure right now, I'm no worse than I was living with this. Except now I can lay in bed guilt free, prepared that this is what I'm doing for next few weeks. I can just begin to feel myself healing emotionally from PF.

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Woops.....that was supposed to say run out of pain pills.

I'm on mt iPad. Hubby is bringing computer up earlier, so hopefully I can answer more questions and have less mistakes.
Thanks for the update again Kim. Boy it just keeps getting better and better, huh? Thankfully you have someone to take care of you when it gets really bad. Hang in there! And yes, take the drugs! :)
After writing up my idea of a pain scale....I wondered if you guys could share you idea of pain. It's different for everyone. I was just trying to share a range with you.....can you share the same with me? Like what's the pain w PF like?

Also, was it one of you thinking of doing both at the same time? That's on my mind constantly. Right now both would b ok.....but would require a bed pan :(. However, that thought runs through my mind every time I have to make the effort to go to the bathroom, thinking it would b easier. However learning to walk on both at the same time would b really rough.

The hospital called this afternoon to check on me. I had a long talk w the nurse. She said I was right on to take as I needed. She said to ask my doc bat taking motrin or alleve for " break through pain". When I'm watching the clock for the next round. They had already left for the weekend. My husband picked up the new RX.

Currently I have 325 mg of oxycodon acetaminophen 1-2 tabs every for to six.

New RX is 500 mg hydrocodon acetaminophen 1-2 every six. I sent a text to a couple of nurse friends to see what the difference Is. I think they are about the same strenghth bc oxy is a little more potent than hydro. But she increased the dose to make up for it so I wonder if hydrocodon lasts longer?

You can add pain management , open dialog to the list of questions for your
It was me that said my doctor wanted to do both feet at the same time. Two different podiatrists said if stretching and a night splint didn't work, then i should get the shots, first, then consider surgery. They both referred me to physical therapy. Both of the physical therapists said try the shots, AVOID SURGERY! After this I decided to try an orthopedic surgeon who looked at my feet for about 20 seconds and recommended surgery, not the shots. He said and I quote "I wouldn't recommend it if you didn't need it and I can't think of any of my patients who have had any trouble." I was sort of in shock, especially after he said I could bascially walk out of the room after surgery and we could do both feet at once. This guy is a highly successful orthopedic surgeon but what he said didn't make sense. I decided to do more research. The surgery, truthfully, sounds awful and since I have it in both feet that would be a huge amount of down time. I live alone with 2 dogs and a cat, who will be no help to me during recovery :). As far as my PF pain goes, i feel like I've made progress in the past few months, but I have been doing absolutely NOTHING. If I am on my feet for any length of time, I start of have pain. I would rate my pain about a 5 versus a 9 or 10 a few months ago. One other thing I want to mention. I've tried drinking a natural juice drink called Mona Vie which was given to me by a friend. It is a natural anti-inflammatory juice drink and I thought, yeah, right. SNAKE OIL! Well it has actually helped me. I'm not selling it or trying to promote it, just letting people know it has helped.  Expensive as all get-out, but I have noticed a difference in pain levels since I started drinking it. Please, all, keep posting your progress and any other information you have. It is the most help I've found in 6 months! I am seeing a chiropractor on Monday to see what he can offer. Hang in there Kim. Thanks for all your postings!!!
Does your chiro do this?

This is the only thing I haven't tried. I have a friend wh is doing this....but no results yet.

I saw someone else had posted waking after four weeks? I don't know that much about different techniques. Mine wAs a small cut on the side of the heel.... As slow as these ligaments heal, I can't imagine using them right away. A bone spur removal I can see walking, but a cut ligament?

yes, he uses the Graston technique. I saw someone else on this post who went that route with good results, but it took awhile. My apologies if this is a repeat response. I responded once, but I'm not sure it "went through". anyway I am looking foward to at least trying some other things before I commit to surgery.

I just started a new discussion....days 4, 5 &6.  I also included a picture of my foot.

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