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     I am looking for a way to control the pain while I'm at work.  I work on my feet 10 to 16 hours a day and I can not afford not to go to work.  I think that if I could just control the pain while I'm working I could get through this a little faster.  The more my foot hurts the more I over compensate and I cause pain in the rest of my foot and leg.  I do the excercises and take  a large dose of Ibuprofen and use pain patches but nothing touches the pain. It is actually worse when I have rested it for a bit.   Any suggestion for pultices or soaks would be appreciated.


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I use an anti-inflammatory cream that helps a bit. It's homeopathic. I got it first a pain management acupuncture MD I was seeng for my PF. He never did anything for my feet, but he did tell me about this cream, which works for me. My sister says it doesn't work for her-so you never know. You have to use it regularly to work. It's called Traumeel. I get it through AMazon. I used lidocaine patches too, which never helped me either-plus I am allergic to the sticky stuff on it.

Thank you for getting back to me.

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