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I had surgery on my left foot on Thur 4/6. Dr wants me partial weight bearing with assistance. and Im also in a CAM Boot. Today Mon 4/10 my cats were fighting, and I went to investigate. While trying to get my one cat back downstairs, I came down and some how tripped. It happened so fast that I dont remember how it happened. But I ended falling and rug burning both my knees. I know my CAM boot go caught which made me fall. This happened about an hour ago. Im am in bed now, and my heel is killing me. Does anyone think theres a chance I could of pull the tendon more? It was sever pain when it happen that I screamed. Im off work this week, so Ive got my wheel chair and Im completely weight free in it. I think not even 1 week post-op is too soon to weight bear. (I had my right foot done May 2016, and was weight free for 2 weeks, healed great) 

Im afraid to go to my doctor, and this Dr doesnt have after hours, so they send patients to the ER. The ER dr is not going to have my medical history for this. I just took pain meds an hour before this happened. But hell its still killing me and hour afterwards.

Im just afraid its damaged more - and I cant find anything online about what to do or symptoms.


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