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I've been battling PF for almost a year now with serious debilitating pain. I swear I tore the fascia during a running race in Dec. I've tried everything with this foot but nothing helps. It doesn't help I'm a very active parent and athlete. I'm considering ESWT. Has anyone tried this? Your thoughts please.

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thanks julie, I looked it buy if we import into Ireland from the states the customs charges is VAT so its not worth it, no worries will wait till new year


many thanks
julie randall said:


I know - they are expensive but there are deals on ebay if you have normal sized feet.  I wear size 5.5 so they have to order some styles for me and here in Canada it takes forever and is very expensive.  I paid $400 for my boots but on "rue la la" a discount website, they were on sale for $119 but only to America so I miss that!  If you live in the states - there are amazing deals.  I plan on having a pair for every event.

You can still go to the store and try them just to see if they would work for you.  I do not take mine off - I go from my runners to the slip-ons in the house to boots for the rain.  I know I still have the condition but the shoes make me feel like I am normal! 

I had ESWT in Kassel, Germany, back in 2000. As far as I know, it was not the "low energy" type. I had 4 treatments, and I would say I have been about 85% improved since. I didn't find it very painful, maybe a 3 out of 10...we have way worse pain every day with PF!  That said, I have to wear only the best shoes/orthotics, or I'm gonna suffer. And a long day at Disneyland, no way I'm not going to hurt.

Where do they do this procedure in the States? I kept hearing rumors that the FDA was studying it, etc., but then nothing.

I am scheduled for the shock wave therapy for both feet this week.  My doctor has tried everything from three rounds of cortisone shots, to medicated wraps, physical therapy, ice and heat...and nothing has worked.  None of the medication has worked either.  He says this is the final step other than open surgery.  I am really hoping this works because at this point I am tired of dealing with this day to day severe pain.  I was just wondering if I would have to have a boot for each foot?  The left foot is much worse than the right, but he is doing both at the same time.

I had the high energy ESWT 2 years and got temporary relief. My PF was only suffered in my right foot. The ESWT was painful and costly and my relief was at best temporary. I spent last summer in a series of short leg casts, non weight bearing :) and on crutches. Each cast application progressively stretched my fascia and then maintained that for 2 weeks. After that ordeal, and some physical therapy to regain the use of my ankle and foot, My PF has not reoccurred! I have resumed running again and living everyday life--but all carefully!

Hi Karla,

That is an interesting treatment.  I had ESWT when I was in the acute stage - many times bcz it was part of the cost of the appointment here and when I look back I don't know if all that jarring was the best thing for my foot for the long haul.  I still have lots of pain at certain times but march through it with my mbt's which are like walking on marshmallows and finally the pain recedes and I can go on . . . it's a rough one to deal with.

Good luck and keep informing us of those treatments.


I have not had any treatment in 12 months and my foot is still doing well! I am truly amazed--I was a little reluctant to try the cast treatment since I had spent the previous summer in a camwalker boot to no avail and 8 weeks in a cast seemed like a long time. But it was worth it! Are you just gutting it pout, living with the pain?

Hi Karla,

I've done all the treatment.  I live with the pain.  It's not constant like the acute stage but sharp pains and sometimes a dull ache but I just keep on walking and eventually it goes away.  It's chronic for me and I just pray one day I will be able to wear shoes other than my mbt's for more than a few minutes at a time . . . It's a nasty affliction but no more treatment for me.

Julie, sorry that nothing has seemed to bring you relief so far. Perhaps there is new cure or alleviation lurking out there for some bright medical student or doctor to find. I hope you don't have to work on your feet--I am a secretary so even the chronic pain wasn't debilitating to my work, just my hobbies and every day life. Good luck.

Hi Karla,

I run around all day and no one can tell.  It really affects me on long walks or just comes whenever but doesn't last too long so I just keep on going.  It would be great to hear of a new procedure but I think I'm done.

Good luck and keep us posted. 

I am on my fourth ESWT treatment and so far it has not worked.  The Podiatrist says it takes 4 or more treatments.

Well, you should stick with the plan and give it a chance. Good luck!

Is the treatment itself painful? Do you feel any relief right after or does it cause more pain?

peg laughlin said:

I am on my fourth ESWT treatment and so far it has not worked.  The Podiatrist says it takes 4 or more treatments.

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