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Hi everyone,

Since i have posted my last mail here, i started eswt procedure. I am going to have my third appointment this week but still no improvement. I have been reading a lot of articles and success rate is very fine. I watched some videos about how this eswt should be applied and now i am very suspicios about my doctor. She fears from damaging the heel. She is moving the eswt stick so quickly on an area, i even cant feel anyting. In the videos i watched, it is usually stable on an area for a time and then it is moved.

What do you think ? How this procedure should be applied. ? Any experince ?

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The research lit on ESWT is not very clear... some studies are positive and some are neutral. I am on my second cycle of eswt and have not seen any notable improvement. though the process is somewhat painful. Will probably try prp next and then give up and just abuse my foot.

I have 4 Eswt ? treatments which all were very painful, so if you had no pain then I would certainly question that. However, in my case, after my treatments I still have had no improvement. 

Actually, there's a lot of great clinical evidence and papers out there supporting EPAT/ESWT.  If you're interested, you can go to the CuraMedix website and click on "Find a Provider."  I'd be happy to answer your questions or connect you with a doctor in your area and help you get rid of the pain!

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