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Before I buy this, I'd like to hear from others who have purchased it. Does it work? Is one kind better than another? Did you buy from online or a local store? Do you recommend something else instead, or in combination with it? Thanks.

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I forgot to add this. I also have morton's neuroma on the opposite foot than the plantar fasciitis. Is there one product that will work for both? Thanks.
Hi Ren. I wear this night splint, recommended by my podiatrist, and it has alleviated morning pain from PF. I purchased it from my doctor's office, but you can buy online or maybe check the manufacturer's website to see if a local store might carry it.
I also have a Morton's neuroma, diagnosed many years ago. I don't think a night splint will help much for that problem. Common cause of Morton's neuroma is shoes that are too tight in the toe box, and inadequate support from your shoes. Usually proper shoes and custom orthotics will help with neuroma pain; those two things helped me immensely, and fairly quickly. If you have health insurance, most policies will cover around 80% on custom orthotics purchased through a podiatrist's office, or other approved provider.
I have the Strassburg sock wich I like because it is absolute lightweigh and provides a mild calf compression.

I believe in the principle of night splints - your foot heals during your sleep, and allowing it to heal in its full lenght should reduce the tension when you go back on your feet, thus breaking the viscious circle in the long run.

I must, though warn you, that in the case of the Sock it puts your feet into a certain tension - this means you have to be extra careful about how you move your feet once you adjust the sock. It can irritate the fascia if the pull is too strong - and the pull will with a sigle adjustemnt will change depending on your leg position. You don't want a dramatic stretch, simply an optimal heayling position that don't hurt furthermore.

I don't know about the hard splints. I've seen some good comments over then internet, but other people irritated their foot with those too (the bulk or an overadjustment, maybe).

I guess the best thing, no matter if you use the sock or a hard splint, is to start the first nights in a very neutral position before trying any good stretching at all and to keep as still as possible in bed while wearing them.

On more thing, ask your podiatrist befor using a splint on a Morton neuroma. Some affectations on the ball of foot don't interact well with splints.

Hope this helps!
I got my night splint from my podiatrist & have found it helpful. He said some people find it gets in the way & interrupts their sleep. I had no trouble with that. The brand he uses is Darco.

I have fallen arches and it's very hard to find a comfortable shoe, but this is one of the most comfortable I've found. I love the versatility of the straps which makes it so easy to get the shoe on and off and to adjust the heel to my foot. I like my OrthoFeet shoes so much that I just bought a pair of dress shoes so I can be comfortable all the time!

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