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I have had great luck with deep tissue (hurts a lot at first) massage for Plantar Fasciitis. I was so impressed I started working with Robin Vorauer to create a book and video about how to break up scar tissue and inflammation to relieve the pain since it worked for me. Anyone with deep tissue massage experience?

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plantar fasciitis survival guide is pretty much already created that does just that, I am almost fixed because of the methods. They cover trigger points/fascia release/cross friction massage/kinetic chain stretches. Lots of work but I believe its the only thing that has helped me and other treatments are a joke

I was told to stay off my foot for 4-6 weeks, since 2 injections and a lot of PT hasn't worked. Has anyone else had good results with this treatment

I have had PF in my right foot for 8 months. I won't get cortisone injections because of the damage steroids can do to the heel pad, but I have tried just about everything else I have read about, including deep massage.

The first time I did it my heel hurt so badly I could barely walk at all for about 8 hours. The next morning it was still tender....but better. And my foot has become progressively better since then. I haven't tried the really deep massage again but do massage my foot at least twice daily.

It sounds strange, but I used the blunt end of a screw driver handle to really get to the exact spot where I could feel the inflammation. And I used a great deal of pressure and imagine there was some bruising. But it does seem least at the moment.

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