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I am 27 and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in March of this year. 3 weeks after my diagnosis I was able to get the cortisone injection in my left foot (the one with the worse pain). The pain was dulled, but definitely did not subside and my other foot continued to feel intense pain.


Now, I am dealing with extreme pain in my left foot and a high pain in my right foot. I am concerned about the pain in my left foot and wonder if anyone on here could give me any insight. It's a sharp pain and it is occurring in the inside part of my foot (near/on my arch) and it follows through to the heel. But the pain is mostly isolated on the right (or inner) part of my foot.


Has anyone dealt with anything similar? Thoughts and suggestions? I can't get into the podiatrist until late August. Thank you for your help!

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Sorry to hear about your pain.... i've been where you are ....


Have you tried the stretches, the rolling of a frozen soda bottle, night splints or taping? 


I would try those out first and go from there... its going to take alittle bit of time for it to heal.  Also, i would look into physical therapy.  They can offer other treatments.  Surgery is your very last option. And prop those puppies up when you are sitting down.


I had surgery June 9th on my right foot.  I dont regret it one bit.  But it was the very last option for me because I tried alot of stuff and wasn't getting anywhere. 


Best of luck!

I have had plantar fasciitis for a year+ and found that these slippers make walking less painful. I also believe that by ordering a new pair as soon as I see "wear" that they are helping me to get to my goal of a pain free walk. I have ordered an orthofeet slipper(same one) three different times now.

I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for close to three years now. It is an incredibly painful and frustrating disorder. I have tried almost everything - custom orthotic inserts, physical therapy, cortisone injections, a walking boot, heel lifts, surgery, etc. I have started a blog documenting my journey with PF that you are welcome to check out my blog for some tips and advice.
If that link to my blog doesn't work, please private message me and I will send it to you. Take care and feel better soon. :)
- Becky

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