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I’m an IT professional and I use to work for hours in front of my laptop. This had caused some health issue for me. I have a vision problem  and I’m also suffering from severe neck pain, heel pain and back pain. I had tried to reduce the pain by changing the position of the work desk, but it is not working. When I consult a doctor, he told me to stop my work. What should I do? I can’t stop my work. Can I get an alternative solution? I read that physiotherapy treatment ( ) can relieve severe pains. Should I try that? Would it take so much time? Any thoughts?

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I have both PF & HS for about 2 decades now.

The LATEST thing I'm trying is cold laser. I did get Graston done, hurts like anything but it was healing me. Then I had to stop for a few months, went backwards in my recovery, and now Graston is not helping me.

So, I went to see a chiropractor who does Cold Laser near me. I liked it a lot but it can get expensive even if it's just $40 per session. Try that method, see if you respond.

I liked Cold Laser enough to search for a way to DIY, and I found Vityas on ebay for less than $100. It took weeks to come but it finally came tonight. Even though I saw the Cold Laser chiro today, my feet were not feeling well. I did it tonight and was able to clean the kitchen, etc.

I also have neck issues, I used the Vityas CL on the area of my neck/shoulder that was aching and it seemed to help.

Even though I felt better, I took a shower tonight and I'm in bed, and I did not wear shoes (Oofos flip flops) in the shower and my feet hurt right now.

I will probably take a couple of pellets of Rhus Tox (homeopathy) after I write this to ease the pain & it also allegedly helps PF/HS. I think it works as sort of a pain killer.

Cold Laser may also help your vision, but that I do not know about, best to talk to an expert on that.

The other shoes I wear when walking (& I'm not doing it right now) were Joya shoes, men's (I have wide feet) INTERLOKKEN type.

Good luck hope this helps.

I think you should take a break and stop working few days. Check the improvements or if there'are any changes. Physiotherapy treatment is also a solution. I see that treatment site. they have counseling section too. What do they mean coping with stretches. Do you talked with them? hope you'll get some good advice then. 

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