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Hi my name is Joseph,

I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis about 6 weeks ago. I like to run and keep active and the pain in my feet has been killing me. So I was pretty devastated when I found out when my doctor told me I likely had Plantar. I've been doing a lot of research online since I'm worried about potentially needing surgery. And I came across your community and I've been reading lot's of peoples stories/treatments etc. A few days ago I bumped into one of my acquaintances from my running group and he mentioned that he had Plantar Fasciitis a year back and had used this blood flow treatment wrap that he said worked wonders for him. So I looked into it, and the science behind it sounds right. I think I'm going to get one but I thought I'd check and see if anybody else has had any experience with this product before? Or have you heard of somebody who has?

I really appreciate any input if you've heard about people doing this kind of treatment or any other suggestions.

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