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His blog is well worth reading.  I've been trying to find an answer to plantar fasciitis for 2 years, and what he says in his article about plantar fasciitis  makes more sense than anything else I've heard.  I'm not saying this to promote him; in fact, I don't even know who he is. I'm trying to find him; so if his practice is near where I live, maybe he'd agree to see me; if not, maybe he could recommend someone for me. I've had plantar fasciitis for over 2 years. 2 cortisone shots, physical therapy, blood flow stimulation therapy; nothing has worked.  Degenerative tissue showed on an ultrasound. On those rare occasions when it doesn't hurt, it feels squishy.  I'm not so sure I like the odds of successful shock wave, and I KNOW I don't like the odds of surgery.  This pain gets harder to live with every day. So, does anyone know where "Angry Orthopod" practices?

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Hi Tina,

I have had PF since September 16 and it does rule my life in the way that I have to plan things so I don't have to walk too far or for too long.  I'm in Australia in the countryside so walking is a way of life here for most.  I've tried so many physical therapies and spent so much money on this foot!  I even looked into Tension Myositis Syndrome (pyschosomatic pain from bottled up emotions) which I know has helped many people.  You can find lots about it on google and you tube by Dr Sarno and Steve O.  Anyway, the only thing I've found that helps IS the stretching but you have to do it religiously as the Angry Orthopod says.  When I've actually done it properly I have days in a row when it doesn't hurt and then for some reason I get lazy or busy and forget and it immediately comes back.  My pain isn't just in the mornings - it gets worse as the day goes on and I'm on my feet.  I'm starting now to do the stretching first thing in the morning and I do it 3 times for 3 minutes.  I believe completely that most PF is in the tight calf muscles and they just need lots of stretching.  Defintely look at One Stretch as mentioned in the previous post for the instructions.  As I said mine hasn't gone but the stretching I know will help and eventually it'll be gone - you've just got to be persistent, just like PF is.  Good luck. 

Hi Tina,

Well, now I'm a bit puzzled.  I don't remember A.O. ever mentioning that you had to buy a thing.  An aerobic step is useful, but really, you can use any step - just a step on the stairs is fine.  Here's the web address to the part of his blog that shows you how to do the calf stretches:  Just a reminder: This is not the method they use in PT - (or at least, mine didn't).

Thanks Jane & Adriane for you replies. I'm going to keep researching, but I'm going to start the calf stretching too. Thanks for the new link showing how to do them on the bottom step. Here's the link I had found on the Angry Orthopod's blog for the gadget you can buy. Someone had posted that he doesn't practice medicine any more, so maybe he sells these HaHa. I don't know about pain from bottled up emotions, but I think I have a lot of emotions from bottled up pain!!! To clarify, I don't have PF, I had MN, but had surgery 3 months ago to remove them, which has cause way worse pain than before. Ugh! I got to this PF forum through a recommendation from the Angry Orthopod in a MN discussion though, so I'm going to try the calf stretches anyway. Nothing else has helped so far, so what the heck?! I hope I'll be able to do them.... not sure if I'll be able to tolerate the pressure on my arches. I'm in Louisiana USA. It's weird that most of the info I find online is from UK or Australia....

Has anyone else tried the calf stretching recommended by AngryOrthopod? My plan is to follow this and see. Also trying taping for temporary relief.

Has anyone else tried calf stretching recommended by Angry Arthropod my plan is to follow this. Thanks

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