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Hi i work as a district nurse and first developed this condition approx one and a half years ago . I had bent forward and felt a sharp pain from the underside of my right foot which took my breath away. Not thinking nothing of it the pain got worse and worse and then pain developed on the underside of my left foot! Being a health professional i refered myself to physio and a consultant podiatrist and i tried ice, ultrasound, taping myself , some stretches , pain relief, better footware, insoles ,  anti inflamatories and i tried  grayling technique which was painful  and nothing worked. As i was only 33 i considered myself young. I had suffered from raynauds disease and famial hypercholesteraemia  that is genetic high cholesterol and occoasional right knee and back pain for which a mri only showed a small cyst under the hoffa fat pad which could not be removed. Welll in desperation i tried reflexology and after being in agony about a 8 out of 10 the pain subdued to about a 4 out of 10 but did not go. I found standing still extremely painful like i had been punched repeatedly and was bruised on the . bottom of my foot. Then miraculously the pain subdued and almost went for four months when it then showed its ugly head again and this time with further problems. We had a newborn baby and one day i felt my left hip tear and then i developed pain in my right hip . I paid to see a physio privately who told me it was related to the strain from the plantar fascititus. . I was given some stengthening exercises which helped a little. I wonder whether there is a link with raynauds disease as the plantar  fascia has poor blood supply. I recently learnt about bowen therapthy and heard good things so may give it a go. I will not let this beat me and i plan on researching this condition further 

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