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Ive been dealing with heel pain for 6 months. I am not cured, but i am starting to find things that work. thought i should share them with everyone else, especially now that i know how hard it can be to deal with the pain.

soft tissue therapist: my podiatrist gave me a cortisone shot and it did nothing. he just told me to ice and stretch, and that has not helped at all. my friend at work (who has rotator cuff problems) told me that i should see a "soft tissue therapist" and advised me to go to a active release technique specialist. I found a doctor by the name of Nelson Santos (I live in los angeles). I cannot thank him enough at how much relief I am getting from only 4 sessions. it was a bit pricey, but worth every penny. I could actually put my heel on the ground after three sessions.

There was an older woman in the waiting room that said she had suffered with the same heel pain that i am dealing with daily. she said that soft tissue therapy is great but that you have to do it at home to make the results last. i figured that to be somewhat obvious, but i cannot trust myself to give the same results as doctor santos. my friend recommended i buy a foot roller, a book called "plantar fasciitis survival guide", and a supplement called "systemic enzymes".

i bought the foot roller on ebay for super cheap, and i bought the book for my kindle and started taking "wobenzyme". i cannot tell you how grateful i am for this combination. after two weeks i am seeing HUGEE improvments, with everything i do daily.

I might try eswt also, but i think i will be able to have a full recovery of my heel if i keep up with my soft tissue therapies. they are a god send and i cannot put a price on not having pain. i had the pain for too long. i am about 70 percent better and so glad that my pain is slowly disappearing. finally able to start my life again! it has taken away so much from my daily activities

background: male, 27, 176 pounds, 5'10", office job (accounting, in a chair 90 percent of the time)

good luck!!
richard thompson

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Where di you find the book--you mentioned.

Please let me know



Good for you!  Hang in there!! 

I looked up the wobenzyme and ordered some of it...  sounds interesting


started taking the wobenzyme today, hoping for the best!! This stuff is being used all over europe... so why don't the doctors tell us about it?

(on a grumpy note... it's it amazing that we pay all this money for a world class health care system and we have to go out on the internet to find cures that work... i've been to the best doctors and PTs and here I am, looking for answers ... grrrr...)

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