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Can anyone tell me if I have plantar fasciitis or something else ?


Whenever I wear a pair of shoes other than dress shoes, I get pain in my heel after 20-30minutes of gentle walking. Doesnt matter if this is my sneakers or my hiking boots or keens.


I am confused because its the exact opposite of what I would expect, ie that the sneakers etc would have more support and thus not cause any heel pain.


Other relevant facts, I wear dress shoes for most of the day, I have very high arches, I wake up in the morning with heel pain, which recedes later in the morning as I start walking.


Thanks in advance

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none of your shoes (i guess) have arch support - so obviously any one of them would not be any better than any of the others.

need to have arch support 

Sounds just like how my PF started. Start stretching NOW! Get some good arch supports or it WILL get worse.

This sounds like classic plantar fasciitis. Your shoes are probably contributing. Look into some orthotic inserts or a pair of highly supportive shoes for plantar fasciitis. There are some good orthotic shoes out there that give great cushioning and arch support and don't require an additional insert.

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