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More than just heel pain for me...

I have had PF for over 15 years.  No treatment has ever worked.  My pain is different in that it's not only heel pain, but really bad tight…

Started by Shelly H

0 Jun 4, 2011

PF in left foot

 I was playing tennis the other day and went for a ball, I heard and felt a ripping in my left calf.  My hubby had to help me off the court…

Started by Misty Lomax

0 May 17, 2011

Toning gym shoes

Has anyone tried any of the new toning gym shoes like True Balance or Easy Tone?  I just started wearing them about a month ago, and I've d…

Started by C Ziegler

2 Apr 11, 2011
Reply by AF 29

Pain in Ankles after PF release

Has anyone expereinced pain in the ankles or charlie horse tightness in the arches with walking or standingafter PF release?  I had Pf open…

Started by Sally

0 Jan 1, 2011

Any ideas on what this could be?

I've had terrible pain in my feet for a couple of years. It seems to hurt the most on the bottom part of my foot, in the middle. It's almos…

Started by Ashley

3 Jan 1, 2011
Reply by Sally

Pain on back of heel

I am a 64 year old man.  I have developed recently a pain the back of my heel.  It is a sharp burning sensation at a specific point.  I can…

Started by Mitch

0 Dec 26, 2010

Burning Heel

At one time I had what I thought was Plantar Fasciitis.   I did that thing where you hang your heel over a step and it went away after doin…

Started by Jane Kaufmann

0 Dec 14, 2010

Plantar Faciitis ??

My wife was recently diagoised with PF and is in the sleep boot and taking anti- after playing the last two softball g…

Started by Richard Edwards

3 Nov 2, 2010
Reply by Joe Billings

Is this PF?

Hello peers,   I have pain in my footpad for a long time (3 years). All the specialists where I have been say it looks like PF, and gave me…

Started by Michael

0 Oct 8, 2010

Heel pain, maybe not PF?

I had PF on the soles of my feet a couple of years ago. Now, for the last 3 months, I've had pain on the backs of my heels. I don’t think…

Started by Denise Magneson

2 Oct 4, 2010
Reply by Denise Magneson


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