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Pain in the heels of my feet 2 Replies

Started by Mary J. Morrow. Last reply by Ruth Aug 23.

Pain after PF surgery 40 Replies

Started by Sally. Last reply by Ruth Aug 23.

Shoes for plantar fasciitis 1 Reply

Started by lindajmarshal. Last reply by Ruth Aug 23.

General Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, and more

Discussion about general, non-diagnosed, Heel Pain. View Discussions

Chronic pain 1 Reply

Started by Fayem. Last reply by Ruth Aug 22.

foot injections 21 Replies

Started by Mary Hocker. Last reply by Maizie Jul 26.

Surgery? 14 Replies

Started by Shawna Griffith. Last reply by Mary J. Morrow Jul 26.


Talk about Treatments like Heel Cups, Night Splints, ESWT, Surgery, Creams, and Heel Seats. View Discussions

NSAID gels (Voltaren or Zorvolex) 7 Replies

Started by LD Rabbit. Last reply by Ruth Aug 23.


Started by RS Aug 17.

Opinions? 5 Replies

Started by Melissa Dunn. Last reply by Kimberly1evans Jul 5.

PF Org Website

Website suggestions, issues, etc.. View Discussions

Spammer 3 Replies

Started by T. D. Sharkey. Last reply by David Michael Gardner Jun 15, 2011.


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